I Wonder Who Won



Seventy years ago to this day the Allied forces landed in Normandy, starting the last phase of the Second World War; a phase that would see them taking the ruins of Berlin less than eleven months later, and defeat Japan merely months thereafter. 

Many gave their lives in that war to upheld a vision of life and societal organisation that was, to them, worthy of sacrificing everything: democratic societies strongly anchored, by all their shortcomings, in Christian values. Their struggle ended, as already stated, among the fuming rubble of Berlin, in total military victory. A victory to which the Commies certainly gave their contribution, but with that problem being addressed immediately after the end of the war and solved, without a new world war, in less than two generations. 

Seventy years after D-Day, I wonder what has remained of those efforts, and to what extent the Nazi ideology, defeated on the battleground, has conquered its conquerors is a posthumous, slow war of attrition. 

Hitler’s work is being now carried forth by those very Countries that once paid such a high price to destroy his inhumane regime. Abortion has killed, in those very countries, many times the Holocaust victims. Euthanasia is, as in the Nazi regime, in the process of being introduced; and, as in the Nazi regime, you may bet what you want that the exercise of this “faculty” will be more and more aggressively demanded and, at some point, perhaps even enforced. 

In general, and most tragically, Hitler’s effort of eradication of Christianity is being continued in the modern big Western Democracies, without exception. The very basics of Christian morality are being attacked, and Christianity itself is more and more seen as a bringer of “hate”. The aggressive atheist vanguard – backed by the sleepy, lazy, tragically ignorant, obscenely stupid, and morbidly obese troopers of the populace – is rapidly reshaping the mind of the stupid many, and rewriting history, morality, and even the vocabulary as the oxes learn to obey their new, and very vocal masters. The latter are a limited number of perverts and their evil accomplices, who have persuaded the oxes that not to support them is the epitome of wickedness. The stupid oxes, sated and satisfied, ruminate towards the ruin of those religious and democratic values for which their grandfathers died. 

This is why, seventy years later, I wonder who won. 


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  1. Do not wonder anymore, it is very clear who won, Hitler naturalmente., the diference is that now is not one who dicides, but a mayority, (big amount of Hitlers) and with that excuse crime becomes legal

  2. Some say that the breakdown of the clergy was begun by Communist infiltration with homosexual seminarians, and there does seem to be some evidence to support this belief.
    It seems that the most troubled clergy and theologians seem for the most part to be homosexuals. If the Church had followed its own tradition of not admitting homosexuals to the priesthood, things would be a lot better for Catholics in spite of the moral decline coming from the world. Contraception, for instance is clearly a grave evil that is more difficult to be understood from a comprehensively Catholic perspective by clergy of homosexual orientation. Young people seeking a mentor or in need of a father figure in their lives ,as well as people in difficult marriages are just a few of the many instances where chaste heterosexual men with a sound understanding of Catholic doctrine can offer in their person and in their spirituality, the advice, support , understanding and encouragement that people need to find in the Church.

  3. Don´t forget the elimination of the weaks before they born thanks the pre natal genetics studies. People with down syndrome are almost exterminated.

  4. Very astute. How very, yet sadly, astute Mundabor. May God bless you and protect you always.

  5. With the plagues of abortion, sodomy and euthanasia running rampant in the west, it looks like the infidels will sweep in and take over. The latest is the infidels will be saying their blasphemous prayers in the heart of Catholicism:


    I used to admire Pope Benedict, but now I see what the destruction his abdication has caused, I can no longer hold him in esteem. If he followed his predecessor’s example and stayed toward the end of his natural life, we may not be in this mess.

  6. I disagree: Hitler was surely and for ever defeated. But Stalin won, and his minions multiplicated in every Western countries, more or less disguised. Cultural marxist won and was spread everywhere, especially after the annulment of excommunication for communists and marxists alike pronunced by Pius XII.
    Forget Hitler, remember Stalin. In Italy the former communists are celebrating one of their chiefs, Berlinguer, who never said a word againts USSR, who paid him and all the biggest men in the Party. The Italian Post is issuing a stamp in commemoration.
    Hitler! please, stop this ” reductio ad Hitlerum”. Liberism, liberalism, libertarianism, social democracy, labourism, marxism in all its forms, ect, are more than sufficient to distroy our society.
    Secularism, divorce, abortion, homosexuality…: they all come from USA, don’ they ?

    • No, they don’t.
      The USA are rehashing themes of others.
      I also doubt concepts like euthanasia were very spread in Communist countries, albeit clearly Satan was extremely strong in them too.
      And mind, I am no friend of Commies. But I remember Berlinguer very well, and compared with Hitler he was a pussycat.

  7. Of course Belinguer was not Hitler, but his master, Togliatti was the perfect Stalinist. If for him, Italy would have become another Yugoslavia.
    Anyway many people here in Italy, but in France too, have seen the celebrations of D Day as the celebrations of the first step to the European Union. If you like it…

    • Oh, Togliatti was a real bastard, I agree!

      But you see, in the Nazi regime there was a “normality” (for Aryans) and a quiet prosperity that makes, even not considering the rest, a Nazi regime so much more fitting a comparison than Communism.

      During Nazi Germany you had a broad market, private companies, stock exchange, high disposable income; all elements on which Nazism could insert its own ideology with ease.

      Communism is different. Communism is an earthquake utterly changing the life of everyone. This is why the stupid x-factor generation is far more likely to fall prey to the Gaystapo than of some overtly Communist regime.


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