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Father Guarnizo

What follows is a contribution of astonishing clarity – almost unknown-of among V II prelates, particularly now that they are fully in the thrall of the “new humbleness” – of Father Guarnizo on Christianity, Socialism and Communism.

I personally think that he overvalues the danger of Communism per se, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is absolutely spot on on the devastating effect Socialism is having not on ly on European societies – and increasingly more on the US American one – but in misleading too many Catholics, which are in turn indoctrinated to the point they can’t even see authentic Christianity anymore.

I also note Father Guarnizo is now in the diocese of Moscow. You will remember Father Guarnizo is the poor chap stigmatised by Cardinal Wuerl for being a Catholic priest; a Cardinal, by the way, whose career is marching on undisturbed.

There is…

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  1. ubipetrusest

    Mundabor, what a tremendous article by Fr. Guarnizo. No wonder Cardinal Wuerl harrassed him. Thank you for calling attention to this writing.

    • In the modern NuChurch, heroes are persecuted.
      In the meantime, Nichols is made Cardinal, and Bergoglio … Bishop of Rome.


  2. As a bit of history, here is Fr. Guarnizo ( “a native born Washingtonian”) being interviewed in Rome by HotAir during the conclave and before the election:

    That vimeo site is like a classifier version of youtube.

    At the final minute, he says that “the Holy Father is the one strong moral voice still left in the West”. How times have changed in just one year.

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