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About The War I Never Saw


Not peace, but… this.



There must be horrible things happening in the Blogosphere, because I read of efforts to move people to stop quarrelling. 

I must say I missed this one, but this is probably irrelevant anyway, because if it’s not this one today it will be another one tomorrow, or a third one next week. 

I allow myself, therefore, to offer my two Euro cents on the matter in general. 

1. I seldom read of people inviting bloggers to not attack each other, without these very bloggers making clear whom they are, therewith, attacking. Methinks, it defies the purpose. 

2. It’s always very easy to say “do not quarrel” when we do not have any stake in the quarrel. Again, in general I notice that the “do not quarrel” types are not slow to react very energetically when they are, or feel, attacked themselves. 

3. If, therefore, it is legitimate to get emotional and angry when it is about our little existence, how much more legitimate should be to get angry when the disagreements concern things so much more important than our fleeting lives? 

4. How realistic is it that people do not quarrel on the net? Has your experience not told you that if you put even only twenty readers in a forum about, say, the history of the semicolon it won’t be long until the spirits get heated? Why, then, these continuous defiance of reality? 

5. I find it good that there are confrontations among Catholics. Salutary, even. 

6. Last time I looked, Jesus told he had not come to bring peace, but a sword. When the time of conflict comes – and I am afraid the time of conflict is coming over us like a seaquake – we will have to take Christ’s sword, or face very, very unpleasant words one day. 

We can’t be all right. Therefore, the choice of “peace” and “harmony” will always mean that wrong visions of what we love most are not challenged. 

There is nothing worse on this earth than this: that Truth is challenged, and we do nothing. This is worse than war, earthquake, famine, and pestilence, because it can easily damn far, far more souls. 

This little life is fleeting. A little mistake, a moment of distraction, and a truck or a bus will mow you down in a second or less. But the soul is eternal. Therefore, every good battle concerning souls is infinitely more important than any “peace” and “harmony”. 

It is not improbable that, come October, the level of conflict among Catholics will rise to levels never seen before. Bloggers who always liked each other will call each other “heretic”, “satanical”, “sellout”, and many other names. 

But you see: come October there might be, in fact, be a lot of heretics, satanic, sellout bloggers around! To remain silent about this means to side not with the Truth, but with the Lie, and obviously with the convenience and sanctimonious laziness of being oh so “tolerant”. 

Christ wasn’t a paradigm of Tolerance. He was Truth, not Tolerance. You simply can’t have both. This is why Christ warned us that it might be necessary to quarrel with our very parents, and with our very children! If this is what Christ commands to a son or a mother, how is the new value of “peace” and “harmony” justified when dealing with people who are, to all intents and purposes, perfect strangers? 

I allow myself to be countercultural here, and to say that we in the Catholic blogosphere need to become more aggressive, more ready to quarrel, more ready to set aside not only blogger’s friendships, but real ones. 

I am fed up with sensitive pansies. They are those who led us where we are now, repeating their stupid slogans as heathenism advances in the middle of a civilisation now too busy with burping to do some sane thinking. 

I am always proud, proud when my stats page (they have the links of those linking to you) reports me the insults hurled at me from other blogs, or fora. You see who is insulting you, and you know it is, literally, reward for a job well done. 

I intend to be insulted far more come October. 

You choose peace if you want to, and you will, no doubt, have the reward of being talked about by the word as the sensitive, moderate, sensible guy. 

 I, for myself, will pick up the sword. 





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