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This morning, Vincent “Quisling” Nichols had a diabetes-inducing homily presumably read in all the churches unhappily under his jurisdiction; the homily explaining to us a lot of things about Pentecost and marriage, whilst avoiding to say anything of that which absolutely had to be said. 

I was awake during the entire homily (at least, I think so) and I could not detect one single word directly aimed at so-called same sex marriages. Rather, there was a lot of waffling about how good it is when people marry, and the sun shines, and the cows graze happily in the green fields of England. Apparently, the Cardinal’s way to fight against vice is to talk to Catholics about the beauty of the Sacraments. Imagine Churchill opposing Nazi Germany by simply extolling the virtues of British democracy… 

Cardinal Quisling’s strategy is therefore as follows: when so-called “civil partnerships” are approved by law, he says Catholicism is not against it (scandalous sodomy is obviously not a problem to him) but you see, we should pay attention not to call it marriage, because well, that wouldn’t be good; no, the Church wouldn’t really approve… 

When it is proposed to institute so-called same-sex marriages, Cardinal Quisling mounts a very faint resistance, which does not include any very open, very hard, clash with the heathen government of the Gay Chameleon, but rather operates only on Catholic pewsitter: “please send a mail to your MP; if you can; unless it’s too much effort….” . This saved face with the Catholics, whilst being the obedient servant of the world was clearly the order of the day, and the plan from the start. 

Now that the law is introduced, Cardinal Quisling is extremely fast in accepting the status quo.   Next year is General Election Year, and no word of resistance, or repeal, from him. No debate, no opposition, no denunciation. To Cardinal Quisling, that’s the way it is, and it’s fine with him. Absolutely. No doubt. But how beautiful it is, when Catholics marry…

There was, in one word, no trace of that hell on earth that is the only read on why Vincent “Quisling” Nichols has the job of running a (big) diocese. 

Instead, we get to hear the most insipid, innocuous waffle ever come out of someone determined not to anger anyone, but particularly determined not to anger the enemies of Christ. 

This, about the militant part; the part, I mean, which wasn’t there. 


There was also an ominous reference to the October Synod, and whilst I obviously haven’t recorded the words, there was an indirect reference to the problem of how to deal with the “challenge” of people who are coping with the “failure” of their marriage. 

Last time I looked, the real problem wasn’t the failure. A failed marriage is a big problem, but does not exclude from communion; public, continuing adultery does.  

I do not recall hearing the words “scandal” or “adultery” this morning; which is strange, considering Quisling could effortlessly extract marriage out of Pentecost. 

My impression was rather that Cardinal Quisling implied that something should be done for the poor adulterous souls. Hey, nobody’s perfect, right? 

The problem of adultery is, thus, being quietly removed a bit at a time; the “suffering” is in the foreground; put it that way, one who is in favour of letting the “suffering” continue is let to feel like he is drowning kitten, or massacring baby seals. 

This Quisling is quite a dark soul. A wolf in sheep’s clothes. An agent of the enemy. A first-class Quisling, and a first-rate Wormtongue. In short, he is an utter and complete disgrace. 

It is a chilling thought to reflect that either him, or one every bit as bad as him, could very well be the next Pope. 

Pray for the Church. That she may be freed from these people. And that the punishment The Lord has sent us may be removed from us soon. 


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  1. The ‘softening up’ continues. We are overdue for the wrath of God to descend on us, this should speed things up a bit.

  2. Nichols is simply following Frank’s lead: The Church must accommodate herself to the culture. Simples.

  3. Deliver us from the power of perversion, virulent in Church and state. Amen

  4. Out of context

    I noticed this evening that you have parted your recommanded blogs into « English » and « Italian » blogs. May I suggest to you to add a German blog, run by Martina Katholik (a convert), which I have mentioned a few times already ? It’s a great, great blog, absolutely worth to be read by your own readers who may have some scholar reminiscenses of German, lest they be quite accurate in this language. Always utmost useful thaughts and links to sturdy Catholic teaching.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    P. S. Martina Katholik has recentely listed you as one of the very few virile bloggers.

    • I am thinking of adding a German section, in fact, but I will only put there blogs I have known and followed for a while.
      I will keep your suggestion in mind.

  5. donnaliane72

    I must comment on something that continually comes to mind in regards to the “re-married- divorcees” desiring communion. I do not believe I have met one who truly does desire to receive Holy Communion. I’m not saying that there aren’t any- just that they are far and few between. This may be my cultural experience but is this: they don’t even come to mass- certainly not regularly. And this won’t change. They also do not frequent Confession/ Reconciliation and if they did, obviously they could not be making a true and sIncere confession anyway. And this won’t change either. Even if there is a slight movement towards attending mass, they will quickly fall away again. The desire is not truly there and their own strength insufficient. Changing the rules (which they have no right to do) will bring nothing to the church at all. So all this is pointless. Except for one thing- I bet it will bring in certain bold and brazen heretics whose aim is to ‘reform’ the church. It will bring in homosexuals and they will demand all sorts of things, incl. marriage. They will demand leadership positions and recognition. And they will demand that their sin and heresy is declared ‘not a sin’ . Possibly even demand apology for centuries of exclusion. Good priests will be bashed or lynched if they refuse. When their work is done, it may ‘appear’ that true Christianity has died- or there will be open schism. But the gates of hell will not prevail. Make sure you are on Christ Our Saviour’s side (with his beloved, holy blessed Mother). God protect us for the pope clearly won’t.

    • I also think the same thing, that Francis is just using the divorced/remarried as a gateway to granting full privileges for homosexuals, That is his ultimate goal. That is what he was referring to when he gleefully talked about the “unthinkable” and “unimaginable” changes that the Holy Spirit was supposedly leading him to make (in his very weird analogy about baptizing space aliens, never closing doors to the sacraments to anyone at all).

      Communion for divorced/remarried doesn’t qualify as “unthinkable” and “unimaginable”. Complete acceptance of homosexuals does qualify.

    • I’d say both do, though not for Francis.
      For a Catholic, allow adulterers to eat and drink their own damnation goes against the very core of the Sacrament, in the same way as sodomy goes against the very core of sane sexuality.


  6. yes another of our illustrious leaders betraying the flock -just like his illustrious leader in rome is doing every is a chastisement from above for not teaching-or practising the one true faith of jesus christ since vatican two!!the rot will start at the top and it surely is.god help us all when our leaders betray the faith.our lady of fatima pray for us.god bless. philip johnson.

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