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Bishop Francis suspends all his meetings for the second day in a row. 

Yesterday it was tiredness, today a “light indisposition”.

Pray for the Bishop. 

Two days without cameras, it must be very hard. 

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  1. I belive more, the bishop of rome ist shocked, because the Iman has recitated the 2. sure of the quran.
    And asked Allah to give the moslems the victory over all unbelievers. All this took place face to face with the pope and Peres.
    SUrley ther is no translation into english or any other language so far I know.
    But its to be seen here
    As far as I understand Radio Vatican this was not planned.

  2. Gosh, I was afraid when I began to read : so much sollicitude for the poor Bishop of Rome. I didn’t recognise Mundabor. Had he been to Confession ? Had he been advised to become soft as a lamb ? But no, the end line was pure Mundabor : witty and ferocious as usual ! A great pleasure.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    • I am never “ferocious”, of course. Not with the Pope, nor with anyone else.
      But some mild witticism is, at times, fully in order…
      This Pope must be hit in his vanity. Popularity to him is what the One Ring was to Gollum.

  3. prudentissima

    Just an fyi if you had not heard. Two FSSP priests attacked, one killed, Phoenix Arizona, USA … curious circumstances. Called in as a robbery but said it was not and that the investigators do not know the nature of the attack. The other priest is in critical condition. Ave Maria.

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