Transgendering Christ.


In another show of how some Presbyterians are exactly the opposite of Christians, we are informed a “transgendered” freak show is going to preach in a big Presbyterian so-called Cathedral, in an event to which the omnipresent Fag Supremo, Mrs Robinson, is also going to take part. 

The amount of sugary nonsense waffled about by the organisers of the event is stunning. Not only is Christianity never to be seen – reminder: every heathen can be good to plants and dog puppies; but this is not what Christianity is about -, but it is transformed into its contrary, or I am tempted to say “transgendered”, by a purely self-celebrating worship of one’s perverted self. 

Interestingly enough, the perverts’ organisations involved in the event say this is nothing special, and was “long overdue”. Which makes sense: in the world of perverts, being a pervert or a pro-perverts does not make of one anything special at all. The perverts will only ask one why he has not perverted himself before…

I wonder what kind of people take part in such ceremonies from the pews. I would bet my pint these places attract those who have a desperate need to silence their own conscience, and think the best way to do it is to declare their conscience wrong, and themselves right, hoping their conscience will shut up at last. Sodomites, lesbians, adulterers, abortionists, sexual sinners of any kind must find some superficial comfort in an edifice looking like a real Cathedral, inside which sexual perversion is celebrated as, no less, God-given. 

And in fact, these people do not confront Christianity frontally, like an atheist pervert would; they simply proceed to reinvent it, and inform us 2,000 years of Christian thinking was wrong. They, the perverts, are right. 

The tranny wannabe priest is the best example of the transgendered wannabe Christianity these people are trying to promote. They want to make of Christ one like them, so that they may forget they are, in fact, his very enemies. 

Truth does not change. 

Now as then, there will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth. 

We can, and actually should, pray for the poor bastards. But it is, I think, perfectly fine to also say, in the traditional way: 

Confutatis maledictis 

Flammis acribus addictis

Voca me cum benedictis 



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  1. The Washington National Cathedral is Presbyterian? (Wiki says it is Anglican). If it is, then I would have said “Not in my name” and moved far more reformed than I am already. And it may be that someday soon y’all on your side of the Tiber will have to do the same.

    The Anglicans are either going evangelical and often joining the reformed, or Anglo-Catholic and now moving to join Rome. The liberal Anglican “official” church is in a death spiral.

    Don’t be like them and don’t join them

    • Pukeko, everytime you write here you come out with something that does not make sense at all.
      We “on this side of the Tiber” do not change “church” like you. We belong to the only Church, the one founded by Jesus on Peter.
      We do not move because the Church does not move.
      Granite isn’t very mobile.

  2. Sorry but my latin is not so good. If you make a latin quotation can you also provide us with the English. Many thanks.
    Paul. . .

    • Google is your friend, and it is actually a salutary exercise to look here and there for the odd Latin expression.
      To translate an expression in a foreign language is akin to explaining a joke: it never works.
      Rather, the one who does not know the expression will, by looking, better impress the meaning of it in his own mind, and commit it to memory.


    • You are quite right. Thanks for the advice. I will use Google next time. Thanks for your blog too. Best regards. Paul H

  3. Mundabor: I don’t want to clutter up your blog with some reasoning — email me pukeko60 gmail com. I have a “learn from other’s mistakes” thing in my head and want to thrash it out privately before putting it anywhere.

    • Thanks Chris, but I use no emails on this blog as it takes enough time as it is (plus, it’s more anonymous).
      I hope you will, in God’s good time, find your way to the Only Church.
      I allow myself to say that by reading this blog and the others linked to, you will get more and more exposure to sound Catholicism.

  4. google is no one’s friend, except for the likes of Obama and Francis and the NSA. Other translators can easily be found with a websearch (at or or

    There is even one that says it will translate phrases:

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