Hold On To Your Korans, ISIS!

As we are informed of the dramatic events in Northern Iraq, where Muslim extremists too mad even for Al Kaida have taken the old city of Mosul, forcing the Christians to flee to avoid a predictably atrocious treatment, we should fondly remember all those who, in these years, have denied, or minimised, or justified, or in any way masked the danger coming from what some people call, with remarkable witticism, the religion of peace. If there is anything Muslims do not lack, it is Westerners toadying to them. 

The most influential among these willing or involuntary fifth columns of the religionists of blood-soaked peace is, of course, our very own Bishop of Rome.

Francis is truly persuaded there must be something really good in the religion of the Mohammedans. He sends a warm message to them for Ramadan, and invites them to spiritually fruitful heathenism. He invites illegal immigrants – because that’s what they are, the very moment you open your big Pollyanna eyes – to “hold on to their Korans”, evidently persuaded rich blessings will derive from such a blasphemous holding exercise. He then proceeds to invite Muslims in the Vatican, allowing at least one Muslim cleric to sully the place with his own heathenish prayers. 

We should, in fact, be grateful to Francis. He teaches us tolerance, and understanding. The same understanding the ISIS now, in turn, show to the population they are so happily occupying. 

Hold on to your Korans, ISIS rebels and terrorists! You will make Francis proud! 

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  1. Just when I was making arrangements to convert to Al Quida’s brand of Islam to save my skin along comes an even nuttier and more violent outfit. Now I’ll have to join them, if I can find my local chapter. I wonder if they have a Meet and Greet? Nice thing is that my standing as a Catholic will not be affected by any of this according to Guru Francis.

  2. What kind of good does this Pope think will come from encouraging a singularly savage group
    of people to believe in a stone idol. Christ is the only hope of these people. How can his Vicar on Earth refrain from doing his best to make them aware of his mercy ?

  3. Mohammed. was either mad, bad or deceived by Satan. From a Christian viewpoint there is no other explanations for Islam. To pray with those who could only have been misled by a lunatic, an egomaniac or someone possessed by Satan, is to put oneself in a very parlous spiritual situation. One of allah’s 99 titles is ‘deceiver’ (so not our God then) who not only deceives but encourages his followers to do so. Francis (and a lot of ‘Catholics) mistake this satanic creature (or figment of a fevered imagination or invented ‘god’) for the One, True God. God help us!
    St. Francis (and several other saints of his time) didn’t sit down and pray with Moslems, they sought to bring them to Christ at the risk of their lives so that they could be saved and not suffer hell fire. And this Pope has chosen the name ‘Francis’, how utterly, totally and insultingly inappropriate.

  4. Is it known whether any pope has gone mad in office?

  5. Perhaps pope Francis could intervene and save the life of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim ,a young christian woman,who has just given birth to her second child shackled in a prison cell ,for refusing to renounce her Faith ,she now faces 100 lashes ,when her infant daughter is weaned ,she will be hung,her husband and children are American Citizens,the US government want her husband to provide dna proof he is the father of his wife’s children. https://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions/sudan-execution-apostasy-pregnant-woman-mother-meriam-yahya-ibrahim-christian

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