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The Good Samaritan And The Bad Pope







Read here on Angelqueen about the good Samaritan. It is the video at the end of a very interesting article.

I have already written about the astonishing bollocks of the Pope concerning arms producers; but I think we should insist more on this, because the way Francis mixes an already very confused catechesis with his utterly doped social views must not get any respite.

A comment below the articles puts it succinctly but beautifully:

“Ah, so let’s see if I understand correctly, firearms manufacturers, who by the way supply Jorge’s body guards firearms, and help ordinary people defend themselves and their property from evil people, are going to Hell yet unrepentant sodomites, abortionists, adulterers, communists and atheists will be saved…. according to Jorge’s various asinine statements that he’s made within the last year and a half”.

Truly, this man is a fool.



Playing Games

I don’t know what to make of this

It seems too warped even from the perspective of the interviewee. A mockery of Satanism. A kind of comedic denunciation of any cult. An attention-seeking device. 

Satan is, by definition, evil. No one in his right mind would choose evil over good. More to the point, no one would, if mad to such an extent, think that his position can become in any way popular among the public. 

This satanism theatre is, more probably, an atheist’s plaything to mock Christianity, enjoying the scandal they cause among Christians and getting name recognition in the process. 

Take the project to erect a Satan statue. What meaning can it have, if not a mockery of organised religion? Who would proclaim evil good, and good evil? And if it be so, why would the proposers of such a theory not proceed to give allegiance to… good, once ascertained that it is… evil? And so back, and forth, in a mad ping-pong? 

No. The organiser of such stunts says himself he “was” an atheist, and it is very obvious to me he and his followers all are. Then if they believed in Satan, they would as a consequence believe in God; and noone in his right mind would choose eternal suffering. 

Satan is, by definition, the Father of Lies. He works through subtle deception, not open approval. The most evil people generally think they’re good. Pol Pot, Lenin and Che Guevara no doubt felt they were true philanthropists. Nowadays even Angelina Jolie thinks she has some higher calling. Others, like Stalin, were simply not afraid of punishment. 

No. I don’t buy this one. I think this is nothing more than a twisted form of attention-seeking atheist wannabe comedy. 

But notice this: by not believing in Satan and using him as an anti-Christian vehicle, this people … make the work of the devil. 

Satan, the Father of Lies, deceives them into believing he obviously does not exist, and uses them for his purposes through this means. He mocks in a twisted way the unbelief of those who mock Christianity, and lures them into his net by leading them to believe there is no net at all, and they can have a great time making a mockery of it. These people think themselves very bright and very funny guys (and, possibly, gals); but there are no smart guys – and no smart gals – in hell. There are only people too clever by half, thinking themselves so superior to those superstitious people, and who were too in love with their own intellect – or whatever was in its place – to humbly accept their allotted place in the great scheme of things. 

Therefore, these “satanists” are being had at their own game. Whilst mocking, they are being made a mockery of. Whilst thinking they are playing a subtle game of deception, Satan in playing the same game to them. Whilst feeling so smart, they are being very stupid. They are flies who have decided they are too smart to believe in the existence of the spider as they fly toward the net. 

Which, in turn, would be funny.  If it wasn’t so serious, and so unspeakably tragic. 


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gently invite the bishop to relent on this occasion, but noting how horribly divisive the TLM is. He looks god. Traditionalists look bad. Idiots praise his moderation. Then, the next round follows.

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