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Lessons From The Imam

One week later, the controversy still rages about what the Imam has said in the Vatican; who is or is not a kafir; whether the verse was intended against Christians, and the like.

Another stunning example of the breathtaking incompetence, bordering on sheer idiocy, of the Bishop of Rome.

Do you think he learnt the lesson, and decided never again to host such a stupid gathering of heathens on the ground of the Vatican?

I doubt it.

Rather, he will likely react with another rant against those who have “certainties”.



Off-The-Cuff Comment



Pope Francis says producers of arms will go to hell.

Then he proceeds to ask why those same arms were not used to bomb the railroads leading to Auschwitz.

Let me put it this way: a genius, he ain't.




Esse Atque Agere

Beautiful post from Father Ray Blake concerning what the Church is as opposed to what she does for us. I invite you to follow the link.

I for myself will on this occasion explain what I would, myself, answer to someone asking me what the Church does.

I would answer that the Church ferries souls.

On this side of the shore is a world full of temptations, distractions, stupidity, and even perversion. On the other shore, far away, past cold and perilous waters, is Salvation.

We are not only bad swimmers, but often even unable to understand how dangerous the waters would be for us even if we were Olimpionic ones. It is utter foolishness to think that we can swim our way to the other shore alone, and it is extremely dangerous to trust one's eternal soul to one of the badly built, improvised small boats – or else to the glitzy big MegaBoats without a sound bottom – also trying to make the stretch.

The brutal fact is that none of these vessels, whether improvised or splendidly built, will make it. Not one. Some of their passengers, perhaps more than some, will be rescued by the Ferry as they desperately try to swim the last metres and reach the shore, and will gratefully make the very last stretch on the same Barque they once disdained. But boat wrecks always end with a lot of casualties. For many, the Ferry will never arrive to rescue them.

The role and function of the Ferry is therefore apparent. Those passengers who ask to get in; make a serious effort to behave as it is required from them; recognise the authority of the captain and the goodness of the Shipyard rather than thinking that they know better and that the boat should be improved; and generally avoid being thrown out for insubordination; these people will, at some point, reach the other shore. They will do so not because they were great swimmers, or experts in seamanship, or even particularly good passengers. They will because they were smart enough to recognise that to board the ferry and to stay on it until it arrives on the other shore is the best way to reach destination.

You will say: “duh, Mundabor! This is so obvious it is not even worth mentioning!”

I will then answer that it may be obvious, but apparently an awful lot of people do not see the blatant obviousness of it, as only one earthly passenger in six or so has a ticket for the ferry, and there are almost as many buying tickets for competing ferry companies alone. Plus the swimmers, the kon-tiki fans, the self-builders, and the pirates' ships.

The passengers of the ferry, again, aren't particularly good. They are often lazy, querulous, lacking in discipline, or outright dirty. But many of them make an effort to behave, and respect the ferry and the a Shipyard. Lazy and even dirty as they are, The ferry brings them all on the other side nevertheless. In tragic contrast, many who fancied themselves expert boat-builders or good swimmers, thought they were simply entitled to be rescued or did not like the look of the ferry (horribly rusty, that one; a real mess; in need of serious work) perish in a horrible way, paying the price of their presumption. The same fate will be shared by those who, having bought a ticket for the ferry, sit in it and complain, thinking it should mutate into an aeroplane.

This is, then, what, if you ask me, the Church does. She allows you to simply take your place inside, and asks only that you avoid being so bad a passenger that you must be thrown out. No swimming, seafaring, or boatbuilding experience needed.

What is needed is to recognise that they are just not good enough, nor are all those so much more capable than them, to reach the other shore on their own strength. Furthermore, the obedience to the Shipyard Who made the boat is undoubtedly required.

A lot of people seem not to get this. They look at the passengers in the Big Ferry and say: “Look! These people look bad, they are a lazy bunch, they even smell! The ferry is old, rusty, not well kept; the captain is a horrible being, some of his officials are even worse, and the mariners are just useless!”.

All true. All true. But this ferry here is the only one that will arrive at destination, whilst the sleek modern boats will sink one after the other, leading to a countless loss of souls.

This is, I would say when asked, what the Church does. It is an absolutely crucial task, and a task that no other “community” (read: heretical sect) can fulfill.

Foolish is the man who rejects the Ferry for an alternative; be it the glitzy American MegaBoat, the illusion of swimming it alone, or everything in the middle.




When Words Aren’t Necessary.

I cannot understand one word of this blog post.

But there was not one photo I could not immediately understand.


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