Lessons From The Imam

One week later, the controversy still rages about what the Imam has said in the Vatican; who is or is not a kafir; whether the verse was intended against Christians, and the like.

Another stunning example of the breathtaking incompetence, bordering on sheer idiocy, of the Bishop of Rome.

Do you think he learnt the lesson, and decided never again to host such a stupid gathering of heathens on the ground of the Vatican?

I doubt it.

Rather, he will likely react with another rant against those who have “certainties”.



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  1. In the mind of Pope Francis, acts that go against Catholicism are “good” while acts that are in line with Catholicism are “bad”. The great thing about him, is if you ignore everything he does, you will be living a fairly fruitful life as a Catholic.

  2. And what of Miriam, in her God-forsaken prison cell in Africa, for the transgression of marrying a Christian–does Francis pray her captors hold fast to their Korans?

  3. victura1007 .

    Mundabor, you forget that the cardinals were divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit at the last conclave… God was voting through them? I think?

    • Are you pulling my leg? Or is this a provocation?
      Search this blog, and stop these village blasphemies and Papolatrous superstitions.

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