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Pope Francis says producers of arms will go to hell.

Then he proceeds to ask why those same arms were not used to bomb the railroads leading to Auschwitz.

Let me put it this way: a genius, he ain't.




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  1. Pope Francis and his political doppelganger, Barack Hussein Obama, I do not listen to a word that comes from their mouths.

  2. The liberal need not make any sense, his job is merely to make the proper noises at the proper times so that he may be recognized by other liberals as one of their own. This is how he makes his way in the world. As a matter of fact if he did start to make any real sense the the other members of the swarm would find it quite disturbing and begin to question if he was really, truly one of them.

  3. Alas, if only the Catholics of Iraq had the proper armaments to protect themselves from their own annihilation.

  4. Let Francis tell that pet doctrine of his to his security force.

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