When Words Aren’t Necessary.

I cannot understand one word of this blog post.

But there was not one photo I could not immediately understand.


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  1. I read it too, using Google translate, but, as you say, the pictures are enough. Not good for my blood-pressure.

  2. Every picture tells a story….albeit, not a happy one. I’ve seen plenty of random NO photos, but that gallery really makes me begin to see the extent of the problem, and also makes me grateful for my little SSPX chapel.

  3. ladyofquality

    God help us. The pictures just wouldn’t stop! More than making my blood boil, it made me want to cry. There is much that demands reparation. Makes me wonder how it will be exacted.

    • When I saw the never-ending stream of photos, my thoughts went to the Divine Anger that it must be causing up above.

      I think many of these people will, when they die, experience the Wrath of the Lord in a way they can’t really imagine, because to them God is only luuv.


  4. The Rainbow banner, (ie “gay”) Masses were especially distressing to me. M., the popular myth the media puts forth is that “gay people are just like you and me”. This is true inasmuch as we are all sinners, but most people have no clue of the magnitude of perversion common among homosexuals. Can you dig up some statistics contrary to that canard? I heard that on average, a typical homosexual man over age 48 has had, on average, 5000 partners. There must be many, many studies in the psychology literature that tell a different story, albeit, very unpopular in the West. The lies must be exposed.

    • I am not interested in the quantity, rather in the quality of the sin.
      If the problem consisted in quantity, a theoretical “faithful” “couple” could be seen as “morally” akin to a heterosexual one. It isn’t.

      The problem in ontological, not quantitative.


  5. After seeing those Novus Horror Missae pictures one cannot help but come to the conclusion that God is incredibly merciful and patient with His Church.

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