Trinity Sunday And Francis’ Strange Religion

Today is Trinity Sunday.

At the cost of stating the obvious, I will point out that feasts like this one (or like Corpus Domini, or the feast of Christ the King) are there to put certain fundamental aspects of Christianity and Catholicism very forcibly in front of the faithful. The Holy Trinity is, clearly, indispensable component of every Christian thinking.

Still, one wonders how the message can get through, be interiorised and really made their own by the faithful, if the same Trinity is downplayed by the same Not-very-holy Father.

To say that Mohammedans believe in the same God as Christians is to deny the Trinity. To think that Jews do not need to believe in it to be saved is to deny it in a more subtle way.

Francis clearly baptises in the name of the Priest, the Imam and the Rabbi. To him, it's all pretty much the same, and the Trinity is rather an afterthought, something Catholics happen to believe, but which should not be seen as an indispensable component to try to understand God.

The relentless effort to make Christianity acceptable to non-Christians unavoidably creates a mish-mash of blasphemies, errors and utter stupidity that must be unacceptable to Christ, if Christ's words have to have a meaning and a purpose.

The result of this madness is a “one-world” religion… without the Trinity. But hey, we don't want such small details to get in the way of the understanding among the peoples, or the understanding between the Pope and his best buddy.

Soon the time will come when the Trinity, the Transubstation, and all other Christian or Catholic specific traits will be utterly ignored, or treated as an innocent quirk of the “One religion”. We are OK, but they are OK too. We have our own way and they have theirs. Proselytism is a solemn nonsense. Convert the other? No, no, no!

Therefore, today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity; which, if what Francis says has some sense, means to him the celebration of an optional belief Catholics seem very attached to, but not an indispensable component of the belief in the One World God.




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  1. —“attached” to —–indeed, an attachment the current Pontiff is definitely attempting, at every opportunity, to break !

  2. Alas, Francis is supported by the Nostra Aetate document of Vatican II, Part 3,
    “The Church regards with esteem also the Muslims. They adore the one God, living and subsisting in himself; merciful and all-powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth, who has spoken to men; they take pains to submit wholeheartedly to even his inscrutable decrees, just as Abraham, with whom the faith of Islam takes pleasure in linking itself, submitted to God.”

    Benedict XIV, Gregory XII, Pius X etc were not taken in for a moment by this ‘one God’ theology. It would not have occurred to any papacy or synod before 1959 to start dishing out esteem and claims of partial unity of belief to heretics. (A hard word but a just and necessary one.)

    The VII document was passed by a vote of 2,221 to 88 of the assembled bishops. One can only wonder what the 2,221 were high on at the time.

    • This is one of the many reasons why I say that V II must be exterminated. Mind, the same document is orthodox in so many other places. But this willed ambiguity makes the entire work worthy of censure.

      V II must be executed.


    • Mancunius (and Mundabor),

      With all due respect, how would you respond to and assess the following which I understand comes from the Catechism of Pope Pius X:

      12 Q. Who are infidels?
      A. Infidels are those who have not been baptised and do not believe in Jesus Christ, because they either believe in and worship false gods as idolaters do, or though admitting one true God, they do not believe in the Messiah, neither as already come in the Person of Jesus Christ, nor as to come; for instance, Mohammedans and the like.

      Also, Macunius, can you refer me to a reference where one can research what were the vote totals for the Second Vatican documents?

    • Where is your problem? You do not intend to say for Pius X Orthodox weren’t Christians, surely?

    • What I was trying to say, Mundabor, is that the excerpt from the Pope Pius X Catechism, at least at an initial first read, appears to lend support to the Nostra Aetate assertion that adherents of Islam and Judaism believe in and worship the one true deity with Christians.

    • I never read it that way. I am sure no one did that at the time.

      The fact is, 100 years ago people read Catholic texts from a patrimony of knowledge that was taken for granted and isn’t anymore.

      Elsewhere it appears the same: surely the fathers of the American constitution did not want to ban religion from the public sphere, but this is how it is now sold and many even believe.


  3. “The result of this madness is a one world religion without the Trinity.”

    Exactly. May God grant us all the grace to be faithful, not to compromise, and betray Him. In the old testament it was portrayed as being made to eat pork, or even the temptation to appear as if one ate pork in the eyes of others to save your life and lose your soul. What will/are the trials and temptations today and in the future? May God grant us a true and correct Faith and perseverance in it. We may not all be faced with a test to save our physical life in that manner, but we may have to lose many other things one depends on to be viable in this time of history. The same folks who mock miracles well deny that these lesser tests of fidelity matter. I believe all of the lesser tests matter a great deal.

  4. Mundabor, can we say that Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox Christians have the common belief in the true triune God with us when they reject the filioque?

    • Interesting question. I would say yes in the essentials, as they do believe in the Trinity. But they have an imperfect belief. Muslims and Jews are not even in the same ballpark.
      Which is why the Orthodox were always considered Christians, whilst the Mohammedans never were.

  5. I would say that if the Moslems and Jews begin baptizing converts in the name of the Father, SOn, and Holy Spirit, as the Eastern churches have always done, then we can speak of the same theological ball park. Until then, let us remember that sacraments are a form of theology in themselves, and so the communion of certain sacraments with the Eastern churches trumps any abstruse (Photian) disputes about the filioque.

  6. i wonder, has anyone converted to Catholicism due to interaction with Bergogolio? Ever? How many, if anyone, since he became pope? You listen to Fulton Sheen and how often he talked about conversion and converting people to the Church, and you NEVER hear it from Jorge, just one generation later. Scary.

    • Someone, in theory, might.
      But one would be terrified at the understanding of Catholicism of such a convert.
      By their fruits you shall know them.

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