When Sally Killed Sally

A dyke on the run.

And it came to pass a dyke was found bludgeoned to death in her own apartment in San Diego, Socialist Republic of California.

Her live-in pervert and, according to the Law of California, legally wedded wife, has disappeared together with the two dogs. The dogs, who were not married to any of the dykes – not even in a “partnership”; California isn't enough “diverse” for that yet – are not suspected of the murder as it seems difficult they could have bludgeoned a rather corpulent dyke to death. The other dyke – the “missing” one, who weighs 200 pounds, KFC bless her – very much is.

In the last 50 years, I have heard a lot of feminist screaming about wife beaters, male domestic violence, and the generally violent attitude of the patriarchal male-dominated society every time an episode of domestic violence of jealousy drama made the headlines.

I am, therefore, absolutely certain (cough) the same feminists will now start to decry dyke beaters, dyke domestic violence, and the generally violent attitude of the lesbian dyke-dominated society. And what about the fact this particular dyke is Black, and the murdered Dyke is White?


I am, coming back to the topic, certain that the concerned hags will now start to demand for comprehensive public data concerning so-called same-sex marriages, aimed at answering the all-important question: is it safer for a woman to live together with a man, or with another dyke?

The hags will not believe me when I tell them perversion is the root of many evils, and a person in the thrall of Satan to the extent of living in a so-called “same sex relationship” will have other ways in which Satan works on him; then Satan wants to secure his prey as fast as he can: which is why fags and dykes exhibit such an astonishing degree of violence, depression, psychosomatic and other diseases, and suicidal tendencies.

They (the hags) will not believe me. But they should start paying attention to the statistical figures. I am sure they will be enlightening for many.

In time, we will have the same statistics concerning the abuse of children “adopted” by perverts. I do not doubt they will be terrifying.

Congratulations, obese and stupid West.

You are killing your civilisation at astonishing speed.




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  1. I am reminded of the infamous Duke Lacrosse Case which so whipped up the US press in 2006. It involved an African American “exotic dancer” and a number of upper middle class (“rich” according to the press) kids of European descent mostly from northeast Catholic schools (“southerners” according to the press). Marches were held, “castrate” signs were raised, talking heads prattled endlessly on television about the larger social dimensions of the matter. Only…it… didn’t… actually… happen. Seems the “dancer” lied about the “rape” to avoid a night in psych detention. On the other hand, about a year later, a REAL black on white rape happened in the same town. Only this time, there were no marches, no satellite trucks, no “talking heads” endlessly debating what this incident meant for the larger issues of race and class in the “deep south.” Nope, nothing. You see, the victim (who was a REAL VICTIM) was an African American child “adopted” by two “gay” men of European descent (one an administrator at the very same Duke University) who was abused and then prostituted on the internet to other “gay” men who liked their..ahem …”love” on the youngish side. Because, you see, white Catholic young men must be demonstrated to be closet rapists at every opportunity. But “gay parents” are always loving and above reproach.

  2. I know the stats all to well, Mundabor. They have to be published in obscure journals. The rate of domestic violence in same sex is higher, for both men and women.

  3. Yes we are, Mundabor. You have to wonder who’s the ‘man’ in that relationship. Or in this one, too:

    It’s satire….I think.

  4. Mmundabor, there is already data in the US showing it is more dangerous to be in a homosexual relationship than a heterosextual one. Why are we not surprised this information has not been widely disseminated. The following excerpt is from the blog “Dorothy Day Another Way.” It was written in response to a pro-homosexual lifestyle article in “The Catholic Worker.” I am copying it for your information. Thanks for your great work!

    Strange bedfellows Secretary of State Kerry and the CW should face the facts recently published by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) about the destructive and unhealthy elements of the NOT “gay” way of life even on a natural basis. The DOJ research shows that “same-sex violence” exceeds violence between heterosexuals by percentage (see http://www.americanbar.org/groups/domestic_violence/resources/statistics.html for summary and references). Also pertinent are the statistics highlighted in a recent article in “Taki’s Magazine”:

    The [US] Centers for Disease Control [say] that in 2008 “men who have sex with men” accounted for 63% of new syphilis cases. If men are half the population and 3.3% of them are homosexual, it means that 1.65% of Americans account for 63% of the country’s syphilis cases. [For AIDS, in] 2010, homosexuals were about 200 times more likely than everyone else to be diagnosed with HIV. However, the CDC says they are only 15 times more likely than everyone else to get Hepatitis B and about 17 times more likely to have anal cancer….
    The [US] Department of Justice reports that homosexuals are more likely (15.4% of them) than heterosexual men (10.8%) to be physically attacked by a domestic partner. But the DOJ also found that 39% of cohabiting lesbians say they have been raped, attacked, or stalked by a lover, as opposed to 21.7% of heterosexuals who live with men. This means a lesbian is about twice as likely as a hetero woman to be stalked or slapped around by a live-in lover….
    Only an estimated 30% of homosexuals live with a partner, and even when they do it is so rare to be faithful that even The New York Times admits that “monogamy is not a central feature” for homosexual couples. According to one Dutch study, homosexuals in “steady partnerships” usually have open relationships, with an average of seven or eight outside affairs for each person every year. A 2010 British study found that even homosexuals in couples who called themselves “monogamous” thought outside sex was fine so long as it was not complicated by emotions. (http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw#axzz2pBKOepLt%29)

    URL: http://dorothydayworker.blogspot.com/2014/01/by-their-fruits-you-will-know-them.html

    The best resource I have found on the homosexual movement and its propaganda attempts is http://www.massresistance.org/ Its site has many outrageous photos and covers the issue globally.

  5. Three decades ago, when I was living in Dallas, Texas, I knew a fellow who was attending Dallas Theological Seminary. One day he mentioned an interesting fact. He said the most vicious crimes were commented by queers against other queers. Since that revelation, I’ve seen this statement confirmed over and over again. Queers treat each other like crap. And I’ve noticed, most of the infamous serial killers are sodomites. Yet, this is never emphasized in the media. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    • I have noticed that too.
      It often happens a horrible crime makes headlines, and only afterwards it turns out the culprit was a homo.


  6. And Mundabor, I checked: you are on my blogroll and you will remain there. Your most recent blog about the FFI fitted well with today’s lectionary.

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