FFI: Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t

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Meanwhile, in the Vatican... Meanwhile, in the Vatican…

The news that the Franciscans Sisters of the Immaculate are going to go the same way of their male counterpart is now everywhere. As Pat Archbold rightly points outs, the continued persecution might have the aim of driving some of them into the (perfectly Catholic) arms of the Society. At this point, the great “I told you they were bad” moment of Volpi & Co. would have arrived.

On the other hand, doing nothing leads simply to destruction. The FFI will simply be, at some point, disbanded and his members dispersed among other orders, probably ill or dying, but where they would be a tiny minority to be “re educated” in the failing ways of V II.

Damned if you do, dead if you don’t.

The Great Man…

How to get out of the quandary?

One understands the thinking that to accept persecution in the short…

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  1. A good example of why +Fellay was correct in avoiding the embrace of the Vatican, when offered the same.

  2. If I remember correctly, when Volpi arrived to punish the FFI, he enlisted as his henchman the priest who worked as the “Public Relations” guy for the order. The types of personalities who choose to go into PR and also Interfaith are the best candidates to be the Judas… the original Judas is probably validly characterized as a “people person” himself, far more concerned with social causes than with principles.

  3. http://pray4thefriars.wordpress.com/2014/06/18/international-petition-pope-francis-please-meet-the-founders/


    Many have gathered in Rome to ask the Pope to stop the persecution of the holy FFI and also to meet the founders. He has ‘love’ for everyone but those of a ‘traditional drift’ it seems. Yet that ‘traditional drift’ is the future of the Church and the remnant know it.

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