Squatters In The Vatican

Vatican personnel in a private moment



This is mad. Which is to say, it is very much V II.

The idea that St Pius X was not only “misunderstood”, but plain wrong in his approach to Modernism (as the man clearly implies) is, in itself, Modernist. You see it in the attitude of this chap (apparently a priest), who clearly states that Truth is to be dealt with differently now than it ever was; because hey, the Holy Ghost has said now it's better to do things differently.

There truly is a Satanical offensive underway, if the brazenness of these people comes to the point of attacking the most exemplary Popes of the past, openly belittling them (did some people ever believed Pius X “did not understand anything”? Really?) and making of them the paradigm of how not to do it as they pretend to offer us a new interpretative key to Truth.

The Modernists are camped in the middle of the Vatican, and go around undisturbed remaking the work of saintly Popes as if they owned the place.

They don't own the place. Christ owns the place. I hope the eviction of these miserable squatters will come soon.



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  1. This “priest of the Historical Sciences” is a pure sophist. His analysis of Modernism affirms Modernism. His attempt to pin St. Pius X under the heading of “reformer” is an attempt to subvert his heroic accomplishments into the pygmy accommodations of Francis to the world and the appeasement of the secular elites. The Disgraceful cant of Vatican place seeker.

  2. Sorry but I have no idea what this actually means:

    “The Church in which we believe, is inspired by the Holy Spirit in a context that is not by some accidental cause, but contains the substance of teachings inspired by the Holy Spirit, and therefore, we don’t have to relativize these realities, which are fundamental, because otherwise, we would have to put into discussion all we believe.”

    Am I being stupid?

  3. You will hear a lot more about Ardura next year when he hosts the 50th anniversary bash for V2. He talked about that in 2011:

    Here is his career path:

    Fr. Bernard Ardura, O. Praem. (65)Fr. Bernard Ardura, O. Praem. (65)

    President of Pontifical Committee of Historical Sciences
    Born: 1948.09.01 (France)
    Ordained Priest: 1972.12.16

    Undersecretary of Pontifical Council for Culture (1991 – 1997.04.22)
    Secretary of Pontifical Council for Culture (1997.04.22 – 2009.12.03)
    President of Pontifical Committee of Historical Sciences (2009.12.03 – …)

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