Venom Masquerading As Botox

Nancy Pelosi's astonishing tirade against Archbishop Cordileone – an attack that in his virulence surprises even coming from her – should, after we have stopped laughing at the heathen cow, tell us a couple of things.

Firstly, the first that Pelosi dares to defend so-called same-sex marriage as support of… marriage and even dares to lecture the Archbishop with it without the entire Catholic planet laughing out loud tells us to what level of degeneracy Christianity has arrived in the West. I wonder to what extent a person can be called “Christian” who does not get the very basics. This problem is not limited to the heathen cow, rather the cow is very much indicative of the utterly de-Christianised pastures in which she ruminates.

Secondly, the root of Pelosi's attack is also, in the last analysis, to be seen in Francis' disgraceful pontificate. It becomes increasingly more clear that the new theology of “who am I to judge”, launched by the Unholy Father to the stupid masses for the sake of his own aggrandisement, is now emboldening all kind of rubbish religious and rubbish politicians, who see in Francis' continued antics a more and more robust guarantee that they can shoot at Christianity and its representatives without fear of retaliation.

I do not know whether Cordileone (San Francisco) or Wuerl (Washington) is the one who is responsible for the shameless cow's soul, and it might well be the latter. But if Archbishop Cordileone has any possibility to excommunicate Pelosi, he should well and truly act; even at the risk, which is very concrete, that Francis would then proceed to lift the excommunication because hey, who is he to judge…

When this madness has gone, the future generations will look with a mixture of horror and – if they have a robust sense of humour – amusement at the times when an important politician of the Super Duper Power dared to openly rebuke an Archbishop and “teach” him something so shamelessly perverted as true Christianity; and they will shudder at thinking that a Pope allowed all this, and was an accomplice of this destruction every step of the way.

I truly hope Archbishop Cordileone does not soften his stance, and sends the cow to the slaughterhouse by excluding her from communion or outright excommunicating her. I have reasonable hopes on the first, but not much hope on the second.

Unless more and more religious start saying clearly what is what, in ten years' time the vast majority of those living in the West and calling themselves “catholic” will be unable to understand what is wrong with sodomy in the first place, and deem themselves good “Christians” for supporting faggotry.

Satan truly is having a home run.



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  1. so right again mundabor!if the people who attend the mass that i go to-novus ordo style-heard a good honest catholic sermon they would be astonished and a lot of them would leave the church.i am considering the society of st pius the 10th at the moment to attend mass and hear a good sermon.i attend the oratory in birmingham when i can for high latin mass-great stuff indeed.this pope is the worst pope in living memory -i am 61yrs of age so i knew a good few.god bless .philip johnson.

    • A curiosity: are you a convert? I ask because a Catholic would generally say “homily” referring to the sermon within the Mass.

      I am not sure that many woudl leave the Church if the priests started to talk seriously. Some would, but then they are those who do not care in the first place. But most, I think, would be shocked and slowly begin to think. IN a matter of few years, the mentality around them would change too, and things would slowly start to revert to normal.

      There’s no alternative to the Truth, and most people are, given time, receptive to truth.


  2. “I do not know whether Cordileone (San Francisco) or Wuerl (Washington) is the one who is responsible for the shameless cow’s soul, and it might well be the latter.”

    I am not sure either, but many people who work in DC live in the wealthy suburban areas of Northern Virginia bordering Washington, DC … but located in the diocese of Arlington, Va. where their
    Bishop is Paul Loverde.

  3. In the history of womankind, I believe she is in the Top Ten Most Treacherous. She wages war from her earthly seat of power on so much that is good–the unborn, true marriage, the good and holy archbishop Cordileone. I recoil from her evil.

  4. “.. in ten years’ time.. ” Are we not already there? I am yet to see an argument from the halls of authority which condemns sodomy as a perversion, merely weak protestations (if we’re lucky) to “defend marriage as it has been traditionally understood, for the sake of the family.” That’s as strong as it gets. And so what does the average Western Catholic consequently believe? That perverted sexual behaviour is an unfortunate condition which should be tolerated – not encouraged necessarily, but not shamed or decried at the expense of the individual conscience – in our “civilisation of love”.. Mortal what??, they would say. Crying to heaven for vengeance?? I reckon that if I were to take a straw poll among members of my own “every Sunday” extended family, by way of example, this is by and large the position I would find. We, Catholics, have been led to a diabolical place. We are already there, Mundabor.

    • I’d say that today most people know what it is about, they simply recoil from the use of words deemed “unkind”.

      As always, the word people use will end up, one day, shaping their consciousness. See “gay”, “same sex marriage”, and the like…


  5. Haven’t read all the answer. Wish they were all like him.

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