Francis Has A Holiday. The World Holds His Breath.

Far too far luxury.  Not Franciscan at all.

Far too far luxury.
Not Franciscan at all.


I am unable to understand the fuss.

I remember when Popes went to Castel Gandolfo for weeks at a time and no one said a word, or found it strange.

The Unholy Father has, most probably, simply decided he should rest, like everyone else.

One should send them some books in order that he may profit from this time. A good, pre V II Catechism, a lot of Garrigou-Lagrange, some Aquinas, things like that. 

When he goes back from the holidays, we might have a Pope who opens his mouth without scandalising each and every halfway instructed Catholic.

I strongly expect Francis not to go to Castel Gandolfo. These splendid residences are something for Renaissance Princes. Two rooms in Fiuggi, or Abano Terme, or Montecatini should do the trick, and plenty of comfort anyway.

One thing I know.

It will be a blissful July.


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  1. C’mon Mundabor… He can do damage even when on holidays-not more than but certainly, ‘as much as’ ever. And it’s likely because ” the devil never rests”.

  2. Perhaps his decision to take a holiday has in part been influenced by the disgruntlement of 100-plus homeless immigrants camped in the Santa Maria Maggiore basilica who claim they have written to the “open your convents and monasteries” BoR for help but claim they have received no reply.

    • I always wondered how he would react to “Occupy the Vatican”.
      Methinks, he would allow them to camp in the middle of the Museums…

  3. Look at those swanky, lavish surroundings. Shameful.

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