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Ray Charles is here caught on the moment he heard of the Garabandal apparitions…




The blind seer of Garabandal, a Mr Joey Lomangino, has died. May he rest in peace, though some doubts are justified. His death is a real pity for his followers, then on the day of the great miracle on which the followers have been insisting for now many decades, he should have been able to see again.

Therefore, something is not right in fantasyland. Apart from all the rest, I mean. So, the poor Joey had been told by an angel the Blessed Virgin had told he would see, but he dies as blind as Ray Charles.

Let us see the possibilities here:
1. The Blessed Virgin was wrong.
2. The “angel” did not understand correctly. We all know it’s rather noisy in Paradise. These things happen.
3. This is a case of hallucinations, or of satanic confusion.

Garabandal has been censored. Cardinal Ottaviani himself had to intervene to tell the idiots to stop living in a fantasy world, and to obey the bishop already. But do you think the kind of people who are likely to swallow such tales whole are going to be impressed? Nope.

Take the prediction that Padre Pio would see some Garabandal miracle. Heck, if this had been the case, Padre Pio would have been rather public about it, no?
Well, nope. Padre Pio did not say, himself, anything; but not-so-strangely, one of the seers travelled to Italy some weeks after his death, and said that some friar said that padre Pio said… all of this, rather conveniently, when the man was not there anymore to throw a sandal at them (Padre Pio was very good at sandal-throwing. He was not bad at slapping, either…).

Stupidity, you truly rule the world.

Now the blind man has died, and as already stated I am reliably informed he was still as blind as they come. You think some people would now open their eyes. But no. He was blind by necessity; they are every bit as blind, by choice.

As in the case of Medjugorje, there is an amount of arrogance, stupidity and disobedience at play in these things which, once reached, is impervious to logic, reason, and bishops’ statements, and will not be swayed by anything on the planet.

I have no doubt whatsoever the fans of Garabandal are feverishly working, as a I write this, to bend reality to their fantasies. Let us see what they will come up with. It could be great fun.

Garabandal is, like Medjugorje, a tale of arrogance and disobedience.

Beware of the blind leading the blind.




Beware Of The Key Masters.


If you are a blogger who has blogged for some time and has reached a certain level of audience, you will notice that, every now and then, your pageviews get a bad hammering overnight.

This is, I am told, due to Google. Whenever Google operates a readjustment of its search criteria that is relevant to your content, you might have been “downgraded” by the new criteria, becoming less visible to the Net and therefore less clicked.

Normally, you will notice that in a matter of very few weeks things “normalise” and go back to the original figures. This is because Google search criteria are, so to speak, “self healing”, and get to recognise the “relevance” of your blog, making it more visible for a wider range of key words used by end consumers.

Now, if this is true – and I think it is, after browsing the Internet – then it is also rather scary. It means, in simple words, that Google can actively steer the “relevance” of the content, and permanently “downgrade” those contents they don't like. Which means that they can subtly but effectively steer the public perception of the reality around them, for example leading them to believe that traditional Catholicism, or opposition to institutionalised sexual perversion, are the pastime of a tiny fringe of basket cases rather than, say, a constant presence in the Catholic world and an extremely well-spread phenomenon.

Of course, Google doesn't monopolise the market; but they dominate it, to the extent that when they change their algorithms, you notice it. Nor can it be said that others, like Bing, are to be trusted more. The only ones who really care seem to be smaller providers like DuckDuckGo and Ixquick.

I am, therefore, more than slightly worried that in the next years we will assist to subtle forms of under-the-radar censorship, the more pernicious because not openly practiced. If you want an example of such subtle censorship look simply at Apple, who last time I looked considered the Manhattan Declaration too Christian for perverts like Tim Cook, and did not even allow the release of the app with the Missale Romanum.

In a world where information travels in many different ways and is not limited to newspapers, magazine and TV channels, censorship can be put in place simply by controlling the access to this atomised information universe.

Yes, if Google begins to, say, slowly push Catholic blogs at the margin of the search results there will always be a number of people searching with other products, or searching with Google in such a precise, insisted and patient way that the information will have to come out. But the mainstream will always be duped, without even knowing they are being manipulated. If, say, Google put articles in defence of perversion in preference to those against by search words like “gay”, “homo” or “faggot”, this will change the way millions of simple and non inquiring minds are going to perceive the reality around them.

We see this happening already in places like Wikipedia, who are a clear example of subtle and, more often, not-so-subtle liberal propaganda; and again we see that whilst their intolerable liberal insolence gave rise to initiatives like Conservapedia, they are and remain the dominant shop, and the go-to site for the great mass of dumb cows and oxes who, in the end, shape our Democracies.

In times of atomised information, there is still a limited amount of channels through which this information can be assessed; virtual bottlenecks, or virtual gates, through which those seeking for information go. Those who held the keys of these virtual gates have an immense power; a power up to now limited by a more or less strong feeling of freedom of access to information, but that will be in future increasingly challenged by the ever-increasing demand for political correctness, with Apple the perfect example of this illiberal, intolerant, repressive behaviour under the mask of openness and tolerance.

Beware of the Key Masters. They can do you a lot of harm without you even noticing.




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