Ray Charles is here caught on the moment he heard of the Garabandal apparitions…




The blind seer of Garabandal, a Mr Joey Lomangino, has died. May he rest in peace, though some doubts are justified. His death is a real pity for his followers, then on the day of the great miracle on which the followers have been insisting for now many decades, he should have been able to see again.

Therefore, something is not right in fantasyland. Apart from all the rest, I mean. So, the poor Joey had been told by an angel the Blessed Virgin had told he would see, but he dies as blind as Ray Charles.

Let us see the possibilities here:
1. The Blessed Virgin was wrong.
2. The “angel” did not understand correctly. We all know it’s rather noisy in Paradise. These things happen.
3. This is a case of hallucinations, or of satanic confusion.

Garabandal has been censored. Cardinal Ottaviani himself had to intervene to tell the idiots to stop living in a fantasy world, and to obey the bishop already. But do you think the kind of people who are likely to swallow such tales whole are going to be impressed? Nope.

Take the prediction that Padre Pio would see some Garabandal miracle. Heck, if this had been the case, Padre Pio would have been rather public about it, no?
Well, nope. Padre Pio did not say, himself, anything; but not-so-strangely, one of the seers travelled to Italy some weeks after his death, and said that some friar said that padre Pio said… all of this, rather conveniently, when the man was not there anymore to throw a sandal at them (Padre Pio was very good at sandal-throwing. He was not bad at slapping, either…).

Stupidity, you truly rule the world.

Now the blind man has died, and as already stated I am reliably informed he was still as blind as they come. You think some people would now open their eyes. But no. He was blind by necessity; they are every bit as blind, by choice.

As in the case of Medjugorje, there is an amount of arrogance, stupidity and disobedience at play in these things which, once reached, is impervious to logic, reason, and bishops’ statements, and will not be swayed by anything on the planet.

I have no doubt whatsoever the fans of Garabandal are feverishly working, as a I write this, to bend reality to their fantasies. Let us see what they will come up with. It could be great fun.

Garabandal is, like Medjugorje, a tale of arrogance and disobedience.

Beware of the blind leading the blind.




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  1. I believe that the prophecy said that he would see the moment of mercy with new eyes. Having died and if he went to heaven he can now see all things clearly and “with new eyes” just as you and I may one day if we live and strive to that end. Do not mock a blind man lest you should find the rest of your days dark.

    • First dum-dum has already knocked at my door.

      Wake up, boy.

      And no, in this blog we do not do PC and passive-aggressiveness.


    • Amen. A girl who mocked Lucia and the Fatima apparition will spend her time in purgatory until the end of the world.

    • I did not know that she mocked the apparitions at Fatima, but though it is not for me to say what her eternal destiny is, I have an allergic reaction when I see these people considered good and pious even if they were rebellious their entire life.


  2. I doubt the Church will officially condemn Medjugorje or Garabandal as it did with Maria Divine Mercy. Although as we know the Bishop’s have in fact already spoken about how there is nothing supernatural occuring. The shocking disobedience on show particularly at Medjugorje should tell anyone seeking the truth all they need to know, right?

    Anyway, since both “apparitions” have promised great signs all we need to do is wait 20-30 years and when the “seers” die the whole world will see what a fraud it was, though much damage will have been caused.

    • I doubt the idiots will ever be cured from their idiocy. Read the readers’ comment above (Ace Spade’s) to see what degree of self-delusion can possess people.


  3. Mr. M, it seems that the only appearances of Our Lady that are without dispute are Lourdes, Fatima and Guadalupe. Everything else is suspicious.

    • I am sure there are others, like La Salette.
      But when the bishop has said non constat de supernaturalitate, a Catholic shuts up.


  4. Unapproved apparitions judges by the apostate prelates? Wake up Mundabor. You have one eye which sees clearly the problems of Francis, yet you are completely blind to the prophesies about these end days.Bishops are not infallible in their rulings. How about St. Joan of Arc? It was decades later that the ruling by the corrupt bishop was overruled.

    • Wake up, Remnant Clergy.

      No one says that a bishop’s decision concerning an apparition is infallible, but when the bishop has spoken about an apparition a good Catholic shuts up.

      As to the prophesies of the “end days”, there have been no days in which there were no people ready to believe in them. Up to now, they have all died in the wrong.


  5. Wrong Mundabor. St. Peter says that we obey God – Truth – rather than men. Erroneous bishops need not be followed in their error. When the bishop tells you to accept women priests, do you obey because of his authority as bishop? Yes or no? Do you just “shut up?”

    • Wrong, Remnant Clergy.
      When it is clear that the bishop is going against Church rules and obedience to him would mean disobedience to the Church, it is obvious that allegiance is due to the Church first.
      When, however, a bishop makes a decision that is not against what has been transmitted to us – and decisions concerning apparitions certainly fall within this category – then we will do what every Catholic does: obey the bishop in whatever does not conflict with a higher allegiance and does not go ultra vires.

      It is not for you, or for me, to decide which apparitions are good and which aren’t; or who is Pope, come to that.


  6. Remnant Clergy seems to be confused on the details of Lucia’s statement. If I remember correctly (I no longer have my book on “Fatima in Lucy’s Own Words”) Lucy asked the Blessed Mother about a girl who had recently died and was told that the dead girl would be in purgatory until the end of time. Lucy did not say that the dead girl had mocked Our Lady’s message at Fatima.

  7. Remnant Clergy,
    following my plan you avoid putting yourself against the Church in things in which you have to obey her.

    If the Church declares someone a heretic, the faithful Catholic will obey the Church unless and until he does see valid reasons – going against what the Church herself teaches – to do so. And when an apparition is authentic, God will pave the way for it to be declared so, after obedience has been showed. As seen in the case of Fatima, and many others.

    Any other attitude is anarchism, and DIY religion.

    But I do not want to discuss with people of your ilk.

    As you think me a bishop-later, do me the kind favour and stop building a readership out of continuously reblogging my own blog posts.

    Write your posts yourself, so that everyone can see what a nutcase you are.


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