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Explaining The “Path Of Synodality”

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A specialist of "harmony" A specialist of “harmony” meant to be at his “service”: Erich Honecker.

From Pope Francis’ address to the bishops on occasion of yesterday’s “Pallium Mass”

The Second Vatican Council, in speaking of the hierarchical structure of the Church, states that the Lord “established the apostles as college or permanent assembly, at the head of which he placed Peter, chosen from their number” (ibid., 19). Confirming in unity: the Synod of Bishops, in harmony with the primacy.We must walk on this path of synodality, grow in harmony with the service of the primacy.

The pallium, while being a sign of communion with the Bishop of Rome, with the universal church, with the Synod of Bishops, also commits each of you to being a servant of communion.

It is at first difficult to really understand what is really meant here, even if this homily was certainly not off-the-cuff. Particularly…

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Wrong Even When He Is Right.




Rorate Caeli has an intervention of Pope Francis concerning drugs, in which he condemns with words of seldom read clarity (and , if you ask me, clearly not written by him) the proposals of their legalisation either as recreational drugs or as “help” to get out of drug addiction. 

The Pope’s stance is, in itself, to be praised. Which doesn’t happen often, so when it happens it is a double pleasure to discover that, every now and then, the Pope is at least on the right side.

I have already written my stance about the matter of legalising drugs in a longish two-post reflection (part one and part two). I will not add anything to what I have written concerning the problem in general. 

What I would like to observe, though, is the following:

1) Why has Pope Francis never found words of even vaguely comparable clarity concerning the various form of so-called civil partnership, so–called marriage, adoption by perverts, and the the like?

He writes, concerning drugs:

“Drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise.”

If he is a catholic, Francis will know that sodomy is evil, because the gravity of a certain behaviour must be seen according to the way God is offended, not according to the “harm” done to others or oneself.

How can it be that Francis, who finds such clear words about, say, marijuana, does not find them concerning sodomy? If he can say:

“Here I would reaffirm what I have stated on another occasion: No to every type of drug use. It is as simple as that. No to any kind of drug use”

what prevents him, the Pope, from saying: “Here I would reaffirm what I have stated on another occasion: No to every type of sexual perversion. It is as simple as that. No to any kind of sexual perversion”?

Or you could rephrase the question in a different way: is the Pope Catholic?

2) The Unholy Father continues on his train of thought, and shows once again how un-Catholic his mind is. I quote:

“But to say this “no”, one has to say “yes” to life, “yes” to love, “yes” to others, “yes” to education, “yes” to greater job opportunities. If we say “yes” to all these things, there will be no room for illicit drugs, for alcohol abuse, for other forms of addiction.”

This is the typical liberal and marxist thinking according to which not the individual, but “society” at large is the cause of drug consumption, and these problems have a purely societal origin and, as a consequence, a purely societal remedy. Also, like all those of his ilk he clearly states the precedence: unless a society does not say “yes” to better education and greater job opportunities, this society is simply not in a position to say “no” to drugs. 

Poppycock, and poppycock. The reasons for drug addiction lie first and foremost in the individual responsibility (and stupidity, and self-absorption, and rebellion) of those who choose to take drugs. It is their decision  and their responsibility, but their decision is the result of yielding to evil. The problem is not a societal one, it is a religious one. It’s not “society”, it’s the individual, and at the same time it’s not “society”, it’s the Original Sin.

Good and evil fight each other every day and every moment in every individual, and only an atheist or a marxist sees in “society”, rather than in humanity’s fallen nature and the work of the devil, the cause of grave societal problems like drug use.

To Francis, the problem isn’t the idiot who takes drugs, or the devil who tempts them to do so, or the fallen nature who cause their desire to do the wrong thing. To him, the problem is to be found in issues like lack of education and lack of social opportunities.

It’s the same liberal whining all over again; but it comes from a Pope, which is disquieting.

Once again: this Pope is so Christianity-free that he cannot manage to do the right thing even when he defends the right position. His outlook is entirely secular. His answers lie completely on this side of heaven.  He apportions the blame for grave individual failures to “society”, and allows the perpetuation of the whining that has been such a comfortable excuse for pretty much everything in the last decades. 

Scratch the Pope, and you will find the liberal Protomarxist.




Mundabandal, The Mother Of All Apparitions




I announce, today, to the stunned world the unbelievable apparition of Mundabandal. I ask that you take my words seriously, because if all goes well this will really change my life.

Some years ago, in a place the Blessed Virgin asked me not to disclose, I was stealing some apples at the supermarket (as you do) when a huge chap appeared to me. I am persuaded he was the Archangel Gabriel, because he said his name was “Gabriel”.

Gabriel told me the Blessed Virgin had an awful lot to do for the time being so she could not be there, and even he was rather pressed for time; but he would have a chat with me every now and then, from angel to man, because there were things I needed to know.

He visited me several times. He always had the habit of forcing me to dance the Macarena or the Moonwalk, which went surprisingly smoothly. After that, he always forced me to kneel in front of him. This, I found strange in an angel, and very arrogant; but hey, if this angel seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge? Lastly, the angel had me talking in languages no one understands, but everyone who listened to me was highly impressed.

Well then: the Angel told me, among many other things (I intend to write a book about it; no, many, actually…) the Prophecy of the Three Victories: Spain would win three big football tournaments in a row!

“It can’t be!”, said I, “they have never won anything!”. “Shut up, you little human!”, he answered. He was very big, so I decided to pull a Nichols and just be “nuanced”…

After the Prophecy of the Three Victories, he made various further prophecies:

A) There would be a lot of bicycle and car accidents. Some earthquakes. The one or other aeroplane tragedy. This has come to pass.

B) There would be an economic crisis.  This has come to pass.

C) There would be war in the Middle East. This has come to pass, too.

D) There would be a Great Miracle, during which I would receive a great blessing: a completely new nose. The nose would be there so that I can understand that the Great Miracle has occurred. But the entire world will know that a great miracle has taken place, so there would be no need for that. I didn’t ask the Angel about this, because I didn’t fancy another forced Macarena session.

E) After the Great Miracle, the World will suddenly see the light, and I will become Pope with the name Pius XIII. He told me to start selecting my newsagent, cobbler, and favourite Rabbi from now, because you never know when the need for them may arise. My objection that whilst I am a bachelor I find it a bit far-fetched to be elected Pope was answered with the words:”shut up, you little human; we have just made it with a night club bouncer”…

After that I was forced to kneel in front of the angel again, who then rewarded me by giving me various objects, particularly rosaries, blessed by the newly-ordained Blessed Virgin (I wasn’t informed of the fact, but Gabriel was getting angry again, so no questions asked…). 

F) The Angel also told me no one will believe me initially. The Bishops will criticise me. I will be considered a liar, a charlatan, and an idiot wanting to earn a quick buck. All already foreseen, you see!

One day the Blessed Virgin herself appeared to me. She said: “Nice shirt, Mundabor! I like your style!” I answered: “Thank you, ma’am! John Lewis. Summer sale. Very good value, you must know”.

Then we chatted about the weather, and the football, and all that. At some point she gave me a dozen rosaries blessed by her very self (she is a priest now, remember), and a kind of Baby Jesus hologram in HD 3D. “What is this?” I asked. “It’s the virtual Baby Jesus!”, she said, “you can hold it, but you cannot touch it; it has a form, but it has no weight; a wonderful party trick, nicht wahr? And by the by, Padre Pio liked you a lot. Before he died he told me: “that Mundabor, what a fine chap! Can you send him my love when the time comes?”  ”

I asked her to say “Hiya” to Padre Pio for me, and asked if she can tell me how to produce the Baby Jesus HD 3D thingies. One could make a fortune out of them. The perfect Christmas gift, in every department store by Advent, at only £99.99. No batteries needed. Environmentally friendly, too!

She said no. It would offend the Muslims, with whom she has a very special relationship. You can’t have everything, I guess…. 


Well, now the world knows. I expect it to act accordingly. A donation button is going to appear soon. Make use of it, lest the rest of your days be dark (one of the supporters of another apparition told me this; it must work with the stupid, then…).

My plan of action is as follows:

1) I will start a magazine, write several books, and hold seminaries. I hope to travel a lot giving conferences, too.  

2) I will shamelessly kow-tow to Islam by saying that “there is a very special relationship between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Muslims”. It will keep a lot of trouble away and hey, she told me so herself. I had some doubts about the orthodoxy of all this, but Michael said: “shut up, it’s fine…” and threatened to force me to dance the Tango with Nancy Pelosi…

3) I plan to enter a seminary. Then I will leave it and marry an adulterous woman. Then, with the money earned from the apparitions, I will move to the United States. San Diego or Los Angeles will be just fine. Better climate, you know. Please use the donate button and remember me in your will, or make a big donation because I ain’t a spring chicken anymore and can’t wait for you to kick the bucket. Thanks.

Of course, my dear followers, a lot of people will criticise me. They will slander me saying I am merely an idiot, or a deluded man, or rather one who profits of other people’s credulity.

But do not believe them. This is all in the prophecies! 

There. You know everything now.

The button is on the top right hand corner.

Just above the Blessed Virgin.


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