Pope Excommunicates Nancy Pelosi!

Well, it's a canard then...

Well: it’s a canard, then…





My mistake.

It was not Nancy Pelosi (a well-known evil individual, intent of sabotaging Catholicism for her own purposes) that was “excommunicated”. 

It was the usual anonymous crowd so easy to criticise.


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  1. What a message he would deliver if ever this came to pass (biden and kerry as well). He could literally possibly make mountains move if he really cared. The Church puts too much emphasis on abortion, according to him????? For shame Mr. Bergoglio, for shame…there is not a WORSE evil in the world than the barbaric slaughter of innocent babies. “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do”….I’m sadly past the point where I believe this applies to Pope Francis.

    • But he will not deliver such a message, because it would go against what he has done all his life: being a Jesuit in search of easy popularity when it does not cost anything.


  2. Hello This is an appeal for some information about the locutions of Fr Gobbi regarding the writings about a New Advent and a New Pentecost. Many sincere Catholics are very disturbed about these things. Perhaps you could write in your blog some thoughts and guidance on this matter. In Christo Albert

  3. Nancy Pelosi is difficult for me to understand. We are from the same city, where her very well respected father and later her brother were the only mayors I remember when growing up. Nancy was a very attractive young woman who campaigned for her father, attended the best Catholic girls high school in the city and Later a Catholic College in Washington, D.C. She married her college sweetheart in a storybook wedding in the newly built Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore and the marriage endured. She became the mother of five , and grandmother of several children. Her political views do not seem to match her family oriented Italian- American personal life .

  4. Speaking of ducks, someone had made a joke post elsewhere that Pelosi had threatened to excommunicate Abp Cordileone of San Francisco, and some readers had taken it seriously 🙂 Then again, in a few years… who knows?


    Speaking of stealing apples, have you seen how Francis says we all have an inner thief? I think that offers some insight into his psyche.

    It’s about how Francis stole a crucifix from a dead priest. Really..

  5. If only it were so. I just saw this on the Net–a June 14 National Catholic Register article on Francis’s plan to resign as pope eventually–and had to pass it on to you:


    • “6) How will Pope Benedict be remembered for his act of renouncing the papacy?

      Barring anything unforeseen, he will one day be declared a saint”

      How can a professional journalist write things so hopefully inane?


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