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After an observation or two in the comment box, it is perhaps fitting to say one or two words about this little effort, so that any uncertainty that there might have been in less attentive – or less assiduous – readers is definitively dispelled.

1. Read the statement from Robert De Piante on the right hand column of this blog:

What Catholics once were, we are. If we are wrong, then Catholics through the ages have been wrong.
We are what you once were. We believe what you once believed.
We worship as you once worshipped. If we are wrong now, you were wrong then. If you were right then, we are right now.

This is probably the most famous statement expressing in just a few words the essence of traditional Catholicism. It is there for a reason. I do not exclusively employ the term “traditionalist” because I think that…

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  1. This is a very good discussion and I am more clear about Mundabor’s position regarding the NO and the SSPX. It is still unclear to me just how close SSPX and Rome were to settling the
    questions regarding Vatican II , or if they are any closer at the present.

    • I do not think they are any closer now. I do not think it makes sense to think how close they were, because Benedict obviously ate his word, so any “nearness” could well have been staged to instil in them a sense of security and make them accept the unacceptable.


  2. I am very lucky, I have SSPX right on my doorstep and I attend Mass there regularly….almost exclusively. To be honest, now that I know the TLM and have got used to it, I feel very uncomfortable at the NO. I would not go to a NO Mass by choice. Although in my experience I believe most of them are valid (although I have been to one that didn’t feel right and I won’t go there again) it feels like offering Our Lord second best….and why would we want to do that? I am also not at all comfortable receiving standing and in the hand nor am I comfortable going to Mass without covering my head but where no-one else does….it looks ostentatious as if you are trying to be “holier than thou”. I feel upset at the lack of genuflection for the Incarnation, I feel upset at modernist homilies, I feel upset by a lot of things. I want to receive kneeling and on the tongue, but where no-one else does and the priest clearly isn’t keen on it, it is torturous. I prefer to be with other people/priests who see it the same way as I do. I satisfy my intention not to have schismatic tendencies by not ruling out the possibility of attending a NO Mass if circumstances are such that I have to from time to time, for example if I am away from home. I prefer to attend a NO Mass rather than not attend at all but to be honest I wouldn’t go by choice.

    We live in a very liberal diocese and it may be better in some other places, but where I am, I find the only place where I find the Catholic Faith evident in its entirety is at SSPX…so that is where I go. I agree with the SSPX on other issues apart from the TLM, such as the ambiguity of some of the Council documents, and I see evidence of this all around me. At times it is a bit difficult not to feel “separated” from the mainstream, but I understand the SSPX position and they are not sedevacantists. They are something like an anchor while the ship is being tossed in a storm. It is all very difficult, but I really can’t see any sensible alternative from sticking with SSPX. I do believe they are right.

  3. Dear Mundabor,

    The reasons you give for attending the Novus Ordo are, in my opinion, specious.

    1. It is not difficult at all to refuse to attend that protestant service with a very thin Catholic veneer yet steer well clear of sedevacantism. So far in my constant opinion is the SSPX faithful and clergy from sedevacantism that your mention of it smells mightily of irrelevant red herring.

    2. As you yourself supply some (but not all) of the reasons why the Novus Ordo is wholly deficient in its Catholicity, and ipso facto grossly injurious to the Catholic Faith, one can only wonder at your determination to assist at it.

    This will no doubt result in one of your middle finger in the air rants, which would be a shame when on the matter of militant queers and the rotten clergy infesting the Church from top to bottom, I agree with your views entirely.

    But not on the Mass.

    • For heaven’s sake, Benedict Carter, stop ranting and read what I write, as I have explained the reasons why I attend NO masses in ways a three years old must not have any problem to understand.


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