Beata Innocenza…

You got to love Father Ray Blake's innocence; a man who, in his candor, thinks the video of the Pope documents a “spontaneous act of kindness”.

I have looked at the video, and have tried to overlook the policeman strategically put just where the Humblemobile stops, and perfectly in place as soon as the car stops. Or the fact that the relatives of that unfortunate creature were so ready to roll, all together, in the car's direction, showing no surprise or indecision whatever; or the fact that one of the present women clearly reminds another to take a photograph; not with the excited tone of the one who says: “quick! quick! A photo!”, but with the somewhat piqued tone of the one who reminds another of something that had been decided and the other is forgetting: “Gise', the photo!”

But most of all, the presence of a camera, already perfectly positioned, tells all the tale about the “spontaneity” of Francis, a true Prince of the Clowns.

Francis gets out of the car, kisses the poor disabled woman, behaves in all like a JFK in white; he does not give any blessing, nor is he requested to give any. He could have been a pale Obama in a strange suit, but for the fact that no she-gorilla with aggressive man-jaws was at his side.

What this family has experienced was not a spontaneous act of love of a Prince of the Church, but a staged – by them too – encounter with a celebrity. A small theatre for the use of the masses. A calculated deception to spread feel-good feelings, and promote a man who is now a brand, a brand in full opposition to even the post-conciliar Church until 2013.

A calculated deception, as we all know, quite in line with this Pontificate. In this sense, the video is quite like Francis: a fake that looks well.

Pray for the Pope. For this one, and for the next one.




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  1. As someone who has worked with disabled, microcephalic children I think calling this child “a poor creature” has an unnecessarily uncharitable edge to it, as the common American English usage of “creature” is to describe an animal. Yes, we are indeed creatures, but in this instance M, I think it would have been better to say ” poor child”. We never call an unborn baby a “creature” as we know that would not evoke sympathy for it. Somehow, “It’s a creature, not a choice” sounds positively goth.

    I too believe this scene is staged, and were this my child I would want nothing more than for the Pope to bless my child with the sign of the cross instead of this maudlin stuff. Isn’t Francis avuncular? and my favorite uncle he isn’t!

    • As one who has not been raised in a society obsessed with political correctness, I will continued to call every handicapped or disabled person “poor creature”, as countless generations of faithful Catholics before me have done.
      The common American English usage seems a tad creepy to me, anyway.

  2. A minor quibble: Michele Obama is not a “she-gorilla with aggressive man jaws.” She belongs to the species commonly know as “Wookie.” Although the distinction may be one without a difference.

  3. Fr. Blake did make mention of the possibility of ‘stageing’ the photo-opportunity! But your analysis is absolute in its correctness.

    • Yes, he said he did not know how much it was stages; but his innocence refersto believing it a “spontaneous act of kindness”. If it’s staged, it’s not spontaneous.
      A pope who fakes spontaneity is simply a fake Pope.

  4. I note that Fr. Blake uses quotes in his headline about the “real” Francis. He hasn’t edited out the comments about fakery either.

  5. Confitebor Domino

    The man is starting to make Miley Cyrus look publicity-shy!

  6. Fr Blake’s tongue must have been in his cheek. Only an imbecile could believe that this was not staged. I especially love the applause. Revolting.

  7. victura1007 .

    The most disturbing things as Mundabor notes is that no blessing was given. Wouldn’t that be the most important thing to impart to this suffering person?

    There was a photo the other day of Obama at a Burger King and, incredibly, almost all of the people in line were totally ignoring him. As I would. Something similar should happen to Francis at this point. If he walked into a McDonalds I would not hesitate to order my fries and soda; he would have to come up to me for me to react in any way.

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