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I received this on my postbox from Pollyanna. I publish without comment.


Dear Mundabor,

As we all know, our Holy Father has been unjustly slandered in the matter of the FFI. It has now emerged that on 10 June there was a big meeting between Francis, the evil Father Volpi, and several dozen Friars. I would like here to defend our wonderful Holy Father from the unjust accusations that will be moved against him. My position is proved by the following points.

1. Pope Francis has received the Friars. How won-der-ful this is! He is full of caring solicitude for his sheep!

2. Father Volpi, the evil friar who keeps Francis in the dark about the persecution of the FFI, was also there. This I found a bit strange, but I think it was because our wonderful Holy Father is so nice to everyone!

3. It is reported that the Holy Father was well informed about everything, and discussed the situation with the Friars during one and a half hours. This is wrong! Slanderous! Evil! The Holy Father cannot be informed about the persecution! It just can’t be! He would nevah evah be an accomplice in their persecution! Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit picked him up very personally, and whispered straight in the ear of every Cardinal: “yep, Bergoglio it is”?

No. It is obvious that Father Volpi has deceived our humble and good-natured Holy Father into believing that he knows everything, whilst persecuting the Friars all the time behind his back!

4. It is very obvious that many are leaving or about to leave the Order, and particularly the news of the 20 seminarians who have decided to leave “before it’s too late” is distressing. I am sure Father Volpi was distracting the Holy Father whilst the Friars spoke about this and their persecution.

You know how it is done, don’t you? A “Beautiful day, Holy Father” here and an “Excuse me, Holy Father: what time is it?” there, together with many “How do you feel, Holy Father? ( are you tired, angry, thirsty, sleepy, cold, warm…)”. It’s so easy to distract the poor, trusting soul! And he has only one lung! Only one lung! I wonder how he breathes at all! It must be the Holy Ghost’s assistance helping him, for sure!…still, who knows how much he coughs!? Are we surprised he has not heard of the Friars’ persecution? Oh, Father Volpi, what an evil man you are! To profit in such way of the a Holy Father’s ailment! Disgraceful!

No. We must understand here that there is a conspiracy to keep the Holy Father, He Whom The Holy Ghost Picked With His Own Hand, in the dark about all this. If he knew, if he only knew, how would he run to restore justice and put an end to Father Volpi’s persecution! We must do all he can to inform him, because he is surrounded by wolves…!

5. The media report that Francis reassured the Friars they can celebrate the Traditional Mass for now. Oh, foolish men! Don’t they understand Francis said “they can celebrate the Traditional Mass” and Father Volpi, imitating his voice, added “for now”? Seriously: this is sooo obvious!

Also, it was clearly Volpi who, imitating Francis’ voice, said to the Friars they need the “discernment” of their superior or of the bishop in order to celebrate the TLM. This is patently against Summorum Pontificum, and therefore our good and humble Holy Father simply cannot have said it! Sheesh!

I could go on a long time, dear Mundabor, but I know you don’t like long messages in your comment box. I know you are, with me, in the first row of those defending the Holy Father from the bad, bad wolves surrounding him, and erecting around him a wall of lie and deception. The poor, humble man lives in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, fully isolated from what happens around him! He never sees anyone, he never visits anyone, he never goes out! How can he keep abreast of what happens around him if the wolves keep him isolated from the news, imitate his voice with journalists, and even interrupt him all the time so he can never be properly informed?

And he has only one lung! Only one lung! I am reliably informed the other lung is also almost gone! How can a person in this condition, and even with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, pay attention to what the Friars said to him? Don’t you understand he must breathe all the time?

Mundabor, I implore you and your readers to join me in our struggle. We are with Pope Francis and against Father Volpi and his unjust, unjust persecution of the Friars! The Pope knows nothing about it! ¡Nada!

Thank you for your time, Mundabor.

With Pope Francis, against the wolves!




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  1. Is one to assume this Pollyanna has tongue-in-cheek? or head in a vacuum jar?
    I’m ever amused by the hordes of simple souls who actually do believe popes exist in a vacuum. Almost 2000 channels of TV + broadband in the Vatican thanks to Astra, and this lot think meagre morsels of information are brought to popes by gnomes bearing clay tablets…

  2. prudentissima

    Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe had only one lung.

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