Amnesty International Complains About Anti-Muslim Bias

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Child-Rapist bomb head: Mohammed.

There’s too much anti-Muslim bias in Europe, says Amnesty International. BBC obviously reports in very sympathetic tones.

All those good and hard-working Muslims treated as if they were as many criminals. Tsk,tsk…

I must distance myself from such prejudices. I am sure many Muslims are rather westernised, and don’t give a Mohammed for their religion. Alas, many others aren’t, and they do give a Mohammed.

To prove that there are no problems with Muslims (in Europe, or elsewhere) I will post here a famous cartoon. You will remember this cartoon did not originate violent riots in several Muslim countries, did not cause the assassination of several  religious and civilians, did not expose Islam as a dangerous religion all too likely to raise suicidal-homicidal hotheads, and did not cause any call for boycott of Danish products.

Therefore, Amnesty International must be right.



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  1. I have an intermediate stance on the issue: niqabs should be allowed, muslims should be forbidden.

  2. When Chris Ofili made an artwork depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary made out of manure, it would have been a good thing for Catholics to violently riot, destroy the artwork, and beat up Ofili. Violence is not per se wrong. Envy rather than condemnation is what we should feel when looking upon Muslim zeal. Though, obviously, killing random people is an evil reaction.

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