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The Wind And The Weathervane.

Not photoshopped.

I have read several articles in the past weeks about two related events in the Archdiocese of New York. The first is the threatened closure of a TLM parish, prospering and perfectly viable. The second is the removal of a good Catholic priest who had dared to speak openly against such closure. Behind both moves is, no doubt, the vast belly of Cardinal Dolan.

My reaction to such news is always the same: it is all because of Francis.

It is not that I want to exonerate Cardinal Dolan, but rather that I have no doubt – and neither should you – that Dolan is a very heavy weathervane, and moves his rather vast corporeal mass in whatever direction he finds more appropriate at the moment. It is, therefore, no surprise at all he would now move to get some brownie points with the Unholy Father and his men in red.

Dolan is, very clearly, looking at the future, and positioning his considerable backside in a strategic position for the next conclave; so that he may, when the time comes, present himself as the right balance between the continuation of Francis' circus activity – for which he is, when his mouth is not full, eminently suited – and a more traditional approach. He might have better cards than, say, Maradiaga, whom even his friends in red might see as too risky a choice.

What is happening in New York is the obvious consequence of what is happening in Rome. The Michael Voris of the world, who limit their criticism to Dolan and forget to mention why he does what he does, are like the old critics of Beria who forgot to mention Stalin in their criticism.

A strong wind of heresy, chaos, stupidity, ignorance, incompetence and perhaps outright evil intent is blowing. The weathervane register the fact and position themselves accordingly.

We should look at the causes, rather than focusing exclusively on the effects.



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