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The de facto Commander-in-Chief of the American Catholics today openly apostatised, officially declaring his abandonment of Christian dogma. Now allegedly moved by Mohammed, he went to visit a local Mosque.

Great was the joy of the still cardinal at being finally able to enter a place considered sacred by the followers of a child rapist. “I thank God that this day has arrived”, said the future Muslim cleric, overwhelmed by emotions after so many years of clearly outdated Tabernacles, Blessed Virgin statues, and worship of Christ and the Holy Ghost as God.

Mr Dolan, now slated for a position of high responsibility among New York Muslims, officially announced his abandonment of Christianity, explicitly saying that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God.

After the future Imam’s official betrayal of Christ, commenters are divided among those who think he is a retard and those who think he is simply…

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  1. As a lifelong member of the Archdiocese of NY, I am laughing out loud–but not with surprise. How wonderful that His Eminence praises the value of religious schools to the Muslims, while he oversees the closing of Catholic schools and churches in New York. Perhaps he can let the Muslims rent one of these schools on very favorable terms. . He seems more and more of an opportunist. Although some call him an idiot, he is a very intelligent and very shrewd man. The laughing, jovial clown act is a cover-up as he conscientiously undermines the truths of the Faith that he finds “outdated.” What a friend he has been to enemies of the Faith and of life such as President Obama, who can be seen on Youtube criticizing the Bible and then speaking of the “Holy Koran.”

  2. He is more politician than shepherd…and water-boy for a darker master.

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