Bishop Galantino, And Mainstreaming Mundabor

In the staged pose of the wannabe cool idiot: Bishop Galantino.




Read on the usual Rorate the extremely strong article written by Antonio Socci, with a no-holds-barred criticism of the disgraceful Bishop Galantino, Francis’ own new Secretary of the Italian Bishop’s conference.

Whilst – as Rorate points out – Socci is not a Master of Orthodoxy, nor a Paladin of Tradition, I find the article very interesting not only because it is well-written and factually accurate, but most notably because the bunch of idiots now running the Church begins to be treated with at least one part of the contempt and ridicule they have richly deserved for betraying Christ’s Church.

The bishop in question, Galantino, has now after the atrocious sniping of the “expressionless face” of those praying in front of abortion clinics, forgotten all decency again, and I quote:

“We want to apologize to the non-believers because many times the way we live our religious experience completely ignores the sensibilities of unbelievers, and we say and do things that very often don’t reach them, but rather vex them.”

I will not offend your intelligence telling you all that is wrong in the words of this heathen. I will point out, though, that Galantino has, no doubt, wanted to make himself beautiful in the eyes of Francis. Strong reactions like Socci’s one not only signal the growing impatience of sound thinking Catholics with the continuous barrage of outrageous nonsense now administered to us, but they also show with great clarity that if the head of the Bishops’ Conference and clear protégé of the Pope can be criticised in such a way, the Pope himself cannot lull himself in the impious hope that whenever he says “black is white”*, the press will swallow it whole.

Everytime that the confrontation goes a notch higher – and the confrontation has just gone two, or three notches higher – the Unholy Father gets nearer to the same criticism. It is as if he could hear the shells from the cannons of sound Catholicism now falling increasingly nearer to the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

There will, of course, always be those who contract the Voris Disease and decide to become selectively blind; but in the same way as Voris’ criticism of everyone but the Pope merely exposes his own selective blindness in not criticising the Pope, the harsh – deservedly harsh; less harsh than he deserved – treatment of Bishop Galantino will train many to think in the right Catholic way; and when they start doing so, the army of those who see all the irreligious incompetence, boundless vanity and shameless populism of the Bishop of Rome will grow. At some point, the scandal will, Deo volente, explode fully in the Pope’s face, and will put an end to his dreams of boundless popularity at the cost of Catholicism. If you ask me, this will be the end of this phase of extreme enmity with Truth, because in my opinion Francis has no investment whatever either in Christ or the Devil, but merely in himself.

Kudos to Socci, then, who paves the way to a new tone in the way the press deals with Judas like Galantino.

Mundabor is slowly, but clearly, on his way to becoming mainstream among the sound thinking Catholics.



* post scheduled.


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  1. Yes, Mundabor, you are becoming mainstream. Those in favor with Francis seem to think the Church’s role is to proselytize for other religions, not to champion and preach the truths of our Faith.

  2. Dear Mr. Mainstream,

    I became physically ill when I read of this bishop adopting the jargon of the enemy in calling abortion “interruption of the pregnancy”. So very loathsome and smarmy. The enemy is truly at the gate. St. Michael, defend us in battle. God Bless You, M.

  3. This bishop brings to mind the words of Archbishop Lefebvre, during his intervention on Gaudium et Spes, September 1965: “… the Church has never spoken in this manner. We cannot listen to this voice, because it is not the voice of the Bride of Christ. This voice is not that of the Spirit of Christ. The voice of Christ, our Shepherd, we know. This voice we do not know. The clothing is that of the sheep. The voice is not the voice of the Shepherd, but perhaps that of the wolf.

  4. Sir,
    Galantino is actually CEI Secretary, the Chief being still Cardinal Bagnasco.
    Galantino is another sign of Italian misery.

  5. victura1007 .

    Here we see the accuracy of Montini’s statement that the smoke of Satan has entered the Church. This guy should be ridden out of the Church on a rail. Galantino, you betray the Son of Man with an insult to the rosary and the defenseless unborn? There are no words.

  6. god bless you Mundabor-mainstream it is !!the bishop of rome,and his acolytes are trampling the church in the mud with their heretical language of new age nonsense.let us defend the mystical body of christ with sound catholic teaching and example.our lady of fatima pray for us. philip johnson.

  7. Yes….the Voris disease….true his complaints about the “powers that be” in the Church, while stopping short of criticizing the Pope, are a means of training people to open their eyes….but he went too far when he criticized SSPX. That upset a lot of people.

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