Francis Proclaims Himself The Incarnation Of Orthodoxy.

One of the most alarming signs of the decay of Christianity in the West is the inability to put things in the proper context. In particular, this finds expression in the unquestioned acceptance of snippets and quotes used in a completely different way than the one meant by their original authors. The most dramatic example is certainly the “do not judge” quote, but one can see this mentality at work everywhere.

Say, a Pope of the past has criticised the abuse of riches: this is used to advocate a Socialist society that would have horrified that very Pope. Or, Padre Pio has stressed the virtue of obedience: this is used to demand that we be accomplices in every clerical abuse. I could go on.

The reason why this at the same time ignorant and subversive tactic “works” is that in the past the uneducated masses knew they were uneducated, and realised they had to rely on the guidance of people with a better understanding of things; besides, they were in fact guided by people who really had a sound understanding. In dramatic contrast, millions of barely literate people nowadays think themselves “educated”, and are persuaded that they are the ultimate metre of right and wrong; and are helped in this by a cowardly clergy intent in telling them all day what bright minds they are. It is, in such circumstances, certainly no surprise that every word of the past can be raped by contemporaries, amidst the applauses of the crowd.

The last example of this has been given, in the most shocking of ways, by Our Own Very Humble Jesuit-In-Chief. He has, during the crisis meeting with some FFI representatives about which Rorate and others have reported, apparently said two old things in new, and very scandalous ways:

1. The quip of St. Ignatius who said that if the superior says White is black, they must believe it, and

2. The assertion that the Pope is, tout court, the guarantor of orthodoxy, so whatever he says is orthodox.

The first phrase is most certainly a grievous abuse of a sincere call to obedience, made in times in which the spread of heresy within the Church in the measure we see today was unthinkable. The Unholy Father, the Humble Bishop, abuses of this to demand blind obedience no matter what, in the most shameless and most un-Catholic expression of Führerprinzip he has had the insolence of using up to now.

The second phrase is, if possible, even worse: it is an open invitation to shameless clericalism to the point of Papolatry, the arrogant demand that he be obeyed whatever he may say or order, because whatever he may say or order must, in virtue of his being the… Bishop, orthodox.

This isn’t Catholicism anymore. This is the talk of an Oriental Satrap, or of a Roman Emperor demanding to be deified.

Surely, Francis must accept that there is a Truth according to which his every action can be weighted and, if necessary, criticised? If he accepts this, every talk along the lines of 1. and 2. above must be balderdash. If he doesn’t, he thinks he is God, or at least wants you to treat him in the same way.

Francis is quite the Jesuit. The oh so humble Embracer Of Wheelchairs is the first one to abuse of his office with an arrogance that would beggar belief, if we would not know the man very well by now. The prophet of “do not judge” reveals his agenda, that can be summed up in: “do not judge me, whatever I do”. His demand that he be considered the true embodiment of Orthodoxy whatever he may say would be a scandal in any Pope, but it is the most so by one so evidently ignorant, so appallingly inadequate, so tragically incompetent, so shamelessly Jesuitical like this one.

Pope Uriah becomes more and more disquieting. And what disturbs more is his total lack of shame and self-control.





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  1. “When the president does it…that means it is not illegal.” – Richard M. Nixon (I think he said this while washing the feet of an infidel; but I could be remembering incorrectly.)

  2. It’s as though the Church has entered the Brave New World with Francis and “Francis-speak.” Andrea Tornielli wrote that Francis told the FFIs they are free to say the traditional Latin Mass. Negotiations to do so are only required if they want to offer the Mass in parishes, schools, etc. Francis is willing to accommodate sodomites, non-Catholics of all kinds, but not Catholics who want the old Mass and believe the moral teachings of the Church re marriage and sex and perversion.

  3. Brilliant piece. Francis gave me the heebie-jeebies very early on. It just gets more unbelievable by the day. Who are so blind they cannot see this man for what he is–a destroyer. I mourn the broken hearts of the young Franciscans of the Immaculate–that they had to suffer an audience with this man. Francis is tearing the Church asunder.

  4. Mundabor wrote:

    ” in the past the uneducated masses knew they were uneducated, and realised they had to rely on the guidance of people with a better understanding of things; besides, they were in fact guided by people who really had a sound understanding”

    You are so right!


    And he rooted us
    With an honorable people
    Beneath Our Lord’s
    Only steeple –

    Our inheritance
    Assembly filled
    An abode of Saints
    Bones crushed were thrilled –

    When pearls of peace
    Silver-sacraments plundered
    From early bird song
    Then thorn of thorns thundered –

    Sheep struck by lightening
    Bruised by hail
    Submerged in a maelstrom’s
    Violent gale –

    But the thorn owned thunder
    From above to quell –
    Raining down what was given
    And the thorn’s thunder rocked Hell!!

    Merci Marcel!!!!

  5. Yep. Pope St. Humble The Great is just Oprah in clerics. The (not so) finely crafted veneer of humbleness and self-deprecation is for public consumption. Inside the Church, enemies of his Modernism beware, he is ruthless and merciless, as are all his sycophants in the hierarchy ready to curry favor with the burnt offerings of traditional Catholics. Please God, convert this man to the truth or remove him from us.

  6. The alleged remarks you cite are the kinds of unhinged statements one would expect from an L. Ron Hubbard.

  7. Triumphalist. Renaissance prince. Papa Whiner. Museum mummy!

  8. In many ways, the neo-Catholics (a.k.a. papolotrists) constitute the exact Catholic equivalent of the Protestant Fundamentalist! Us Trads are accused of extremism, but we are the ones who use the intellect God has given us. Whereas they would believe the Pope if he said “I am a pickled herring”. If the Pope commanded them in the name of holy obedience not to believe in God, they would comply. Essentially, the Pope says jump, they say “off which cliff Your Holiness?”

    They are an irritating caricature of Catholicism, their heretical and suspicious attitude toward papal authority is exactly as the Protestant Fundamentalists accuse us of being, i.e. pope worshipers.

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