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In Defence Of New Catholic

I seldom take part in bloggers’ controversies. When I do, I tend not to write the name of the culprits, unless there are very valid reasons to do so.

Today, the reasons are there. 

I desire to express here my solidarity with New Catholic, concerning the way a Fr. Geiger – who has his own blog and is one of the handful of rebels of the FFI who gave Francis the pretext for the disgraceful persecution, subversion and probable liquidation now ongoing – obsessively, and I mean by that obsessively attacks him and the whole team of Rorate Caeli, but particularly him. 

Far more powerful voices than mine have already intervened in favour of New Catholic and Rorate Caeli. Roberto De Mattei has a beautiful article mainly dealing with this. I will not add much on what De Mattei has brilliantly exposed, nor do I have any doubt the vast majority of my readers are on the right side on the FFI persecution and can distinguish a true man from a false one, a John from a Judas.  

Still, I would like to point out a couple of things: 

1. Father Geiger shows a personal fury against Rorate Caeli (and, in particular, against New Catholic) which, if worthy of reproach in a lay blogger, is outright disgraceful in a religious. But again, this is one able to mount a palace revolt against a saintly man like Father Manelli, and of being an accomplice at every step of the subversion of a succesful, and 100% orthodox order like the FFI; so he is acquainted with disgraceful behaviour. 

2. Father Geiger continuously uses his blog to attack other Catholic bloggers of perfectly orthodox attitude.

When Bishop Campbell ordered Deacon Nick to suspend the blog “Protect the Pope”, the official motivation was his request to Deacon Nick to “enter a period of ‘reflection and prayer … on the duties involved for ordained bloggers/website administrators to truth, charity and unity in the Church.”’

I wonder whether these words, so unjustly applied to Deacon Nick, would not find a much more suitable application in the case of Father Geiger, a man whose obsession with New Catholic would put into question the soundness of his arguments against him even if they had any.

Allow me to express through my blog the appreciation, which I am sure many, many thousands have, for the sterling work of New Catholic, whose blog is a constant, precious source of accurate and orthodox information in the mad times we are living. 




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