Meet Francis’ Franciscans (No, Not Crypto-Lefebvrians…)



Fag Franciscan shirt.

Fag Franciscans’ shirt.

From Call me Jorge,  an interesting insight about what kind of utterly deluded, or more likely perverted tools nowadays go undisturbed under the name of Franciscans, whilst the perfectly orthodox Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate continue to suffer persecution and slander from the “who am I to judge”-Bishop of Rome.

The complicity of these people with sodomites does not stop at shutting up towards sexual perversion, or at playing it down with the usual “oh but we all all called to chastity anyway, so what’s new” rubbish.

No. The intrepid friars positively encourage sodomitical behaviour under the banner of the “gay Pope”: the infamous and never retracted “who am I to judge?”. They absolutely want the sodomites to know that they are on their side (or, in alternative, that they are like them). They put themselves at the end of the scandalous “parade” (during which they must have seen no end of obscenities) and positively must let the perverts know they have nothing against their sodomitical perversion.


Fag Franciscans' bag.

Fag Franciscans’ bag.

In case, then, the support on the day would not be enough, they even sell T-Shirts and other articles from a “St. Anthony shrine”, an organisation staffed by them and clearly fine with all kinds of “lgbt” perversion. You see, perverts of all sorts must know about them even after the parade has ended. Hhmmm… food for thoughts, for sure…

Am I the only one who thinks that among these friars there are those very desirous of encounters with sodomites going beyond the, shall we say, spiritual? Or shall I make an extreme, heroic, effort of Pollyann-ing and think that all of these pro-fag Friars aren’t, at least some of them, fags? How blind can political correctness require that one becomes?

Faggot is who faggot does. Let us stop being blind and stupid, shall we?


Fag Franciscans' magnet and bumper sticker.

Fag Franciscans’ magnet and bumper sticker.

I note, though, that there is no trace of “Crypto-Lefebvrianism” in this bunch of cretins (or worse; or much worse; or much, much worse). 

Which is why Francis does not persecute and slander them.

No, for that it will have to be the FFI and Father Manelli instead.


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  1. Now, these people are the real ideologues, who have a real ideological banner to fly.

  2. This does not surprise me at all, here in Argentina we had been seen Bergoglio pampering all kind of perverts for years.. many “gossipy” people with good memory here know the whole story behind the “who I am to judge mantra”.

  3. Mundabor, Cardinal O’Malley of Boston (my home diocese) should be recognized as a particularly egregious member of the College of Commisars. He is Left Wing to the core and believes the RC Church is a political outfit. He surrounds himself with Democratic Party operatives and their PR firms. He spends hundreds of thousands on his image and promoting a watered down social gospel. He is a key member of Bergoglio’s “kitchen cabinet” and reflects an almost identical Peronist mindset. He spends most of his time traveling in Latin America, where he thrives as a fluent Spanish speaker. His passion is open borders, not salvation. Not surprisingly, he too is a Francisan (Capuchin) ( I believe from the same order that Father Groeschel separated from for it’s laxity). He allows a homosexual “parish” to flourish (St. Cecilia’s, Back Bay). Although his predecessor, Cardinal Law, was also an abomination, for the homosexual clerical abuse coverup scandal, he kept a lid on public outrages such as the antics at St. Anthony’s Shrine.

  4. “Whom am I to judge?”

    You’re the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome; you are Peter, successor of the Prince of the Apostles, the Rock on whom Christ built His Church; you are the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, the Primate of Italy, the Sovereign of the Vatican City State, the Servant of the servants of God. You are the Shepherd charged by Christ to feed His sheep, the Metropolitan of the Roman Province; whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; the sins you forgive are forgiven, the sins your retain are retained.

    There is no other person on earth more qualified – and MORE BOUND – to uphold the thousands-of-years-old teaching that sodomy is a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance. And you shirked your responsibility with a shrug and smirk. The damage from just that one foolish statement will last generations. What a curse on the Church this man is. A curse.

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