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The “Alternative Blessed Virgin” Reblog

The Alternative Blessed Virgin


Two Popes On The Blessed Virgin.

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Pope Blessed Pius IX. Pope Blessed Pius IX.

‘From the beginning and before all ages God selected and prepared for His only Son the Mother from whom, having taken flesh, He would be born in the blessed fullness of time; He loved her by herself more than all creatures, and with such a love as to find His delight in a singular way in her. That is why, drawing from the treasures of His divinity, He endowed her, more than all the angels and saints, with such an abundance of heavenly gifts that she was always completely free from sin, and that, all beautiful and perfect, she appeared in such a plenitude of innocence and holiness that, except God’s, no greater than hers can be conceived, and that no mind but the mind of God can measure it.’

Pope Pius IX, Bull Ineffabilis Deus, December 1854.


Pope Francis, and you're welcome... Pope Francis, and you’re welcome…


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Jimmy Savile: Why Do BBC And NHS Not Get The Church’s Treatment?

The BBC had never noticed this man's look and behaviour...

The ongoing revelations concerning the astonishing abuses and disgusting perversion of Jimmy Savile are most notable in this, that there is of the horizon no form of generalised condemnation of the very institutions that covered him.

It must be clear to the most stupid and ideologically blinded BCC journalist that Savile could remain unpunished only through a decade-long collective blindness within both the BBC and the NHS. Still, I do not detect any call to brand each of these unworthy institutions in any way even remotely comparable to what has been done with the Church.

This is the most absurd, as the NHS is the greatest Nazi mass-murdering organisation in the country (I think we are still north of 150,000 babies murdered a year), and the BBC is the one who has treated the Church with the B2 bomber for decades, as in their very corridors abuses of all kind very simply ignored.

Jimmy Savile should be worth one thousand Cardinal Laws, because no one can say the Church has protected any one priest for decades in an even remotely similar way to how countless BBC employees and managers have chosen to turn a blind eye to what, as it now emerged, was abundantly clear for a very long time.

Still, the BBC, always oh so ready to take the moral high ground, does not proceed to indict itself; nor do the libtards proceed to question their role and their very legitimacy. The same goes for the Mass-Murderers, who will no doubt downplay decades of known and covered abuse as an unfortunate series of single episodes.

The BBC and the NHS represent two of the worst realities in this country; they are two satanical strongholds fully sold to a murderous and/or perverted ideology. No, it does not mean everyone working for them is bad, and heroic battles have been fought by brave doctors and nurses inside the NHS. But again, these heroic battles have become necessary exactly to counter the way the NHS understands itself; a circumstance, this, which today is conveniently forgotten.

Jimmy Savile exposes, with his undoubted evil, the evil of the organisations which allowed him and his perversions to thrive.

But no: the enemy number one, particularly of the BBC, will remain Christian morality and the Church Christ founded.



Nil Inultum Remanebit


I never liked Berlusconi for the many reasons you all know, but I still had the hope for many years that if not personal conviction, at least a sense of elementary decency would prevent him from supporting the homo agenda.

Berlusconi has lived, politically speaking, for many years on the many who knew he is a pig, but chose to vote for him because this pig would defend, and be it only for political opportunity, the values they cherished.

In these two decades, many of these voters have died, and a new generation of value-free voters has been moving the social centre of gravity of the Country. A shocking demonstration of this was during the last electoral campaign, when Barlusconi's camp announced a massive offensive on traditional values, which was then immediately forgotten. No doubt, the extensively used poll institutes had told Berlusconi this was not a winning horse anymore, and perhaps a clearly losing one.

I knew Berlusconi is an opportunistic bastard. I was, though, not prepared for this morning's newspaper headlines, announcing his words of strong support for the homosexualist agenda, and his concubine's membership of “ARCI Gay” (a formerly Communist perverts' organisation), with the declaration made even more offensive from the concubine's statement that she is, being the concubine of a married man, also not new to victimisation.

This being Italy, the newspapers gravitating in Berlusconi's area today suddenly discover the importance of “battles” to give “justice” to perverts. It truly, truly, truly makes one vomit.

Whilst resistance remains, it is now clear civil partnerships are a done deal, and this will be only the start. Make no mistake, homo marriage and adoptions for perverts will follow shortly thereafter. The country demands a great jump backwards, or better said a great jump in an ocean of shit. It will get what it deserves. May it enjoy every mouthful of it.

I read these news in shock – a shock only partially mitigated by the fact I knew it would happen at some point; but in fact caused by the sudden, shameless, French-style abandonment of the front from Berlusconi and his people – and think of the shock of millions of faithful Catholics in the Seventies, when the then ruling Democrazia Cristiana allowed his MPs and voters to vote “according to conscience” in matter of divorce and abortion; a cowardly subterfuge which, no doubt, will be used this time, too.

The mask has been thrown away, and the chosen occasion was the “pervert pride day” of yesterday.

Now let me think, what has the Pope spoken about yesterday? When the local clergy is the first to work against Christianity, how can the Christian front win?

The only thing that helps me to keep sanity in the now fast sinking of my Country into a pit of perversion is the thought that Up There everything is seen, and accurately recorded. Liber scriptum proferetur, in quo totum continetur. I know that the Angels will give witness of Berlusconi's and his men shameless behaviour, and of the clergy's betrayal; starting, of course, from the Unholy Father himself.

They may think that He Who has made the eye has no eyes to see, and He Who has made the ear has no ears to hear. Fools.

I wish hell to no one, and even today I will have to find the strength to pray for Berlusconi's, his lackeys' and his concubine's salvation.

But on days like this one one gets to understand, to feel on his very skin, why hell exists and why it is so profoundly, majestically just that it be so.

May a merciful God keep me and them away from it.

But it is a just God, and a Rex tremendae majestatis. I at least have not forgotten it, wretched sinner as I undoubtedly am. They (Francis, Berlusconi, and their lackeys and concubines) have, and trample the Truth for their own shameless, coldly calculated advantage. Openly, arrogantly, under the sun. Celebrated by the world, supported by an army of stupid cows and oxes oblivious of God, of Truth, of Punishment.

I know countless angels see, and cry to Heaven. On this day, allow me to say that the words of the Requiem give one a great consolation:

nil inultum remanebit.

Nothing will remain unpunished.




Gender “Choices”

The “Daily Homograph” (or, if you prefer, “Homo Telegraph”) informs us without a hint of reproach or disapproval that, after the “successful” introduction of around 70 “gender choices” in the US (one wonders how difficult it must have been; but again, for a “Homo Telegraph” journalist an awful lot must be difficult), Facebook has now introduced the same nonsensical “options” in the UK.

The same? Well, not really. As for these people “gender” is something they can shape as they please, the UK “gender choices” will be “limited” to 50, to take account of the different ways in which perversion and idiocy express themselves in the country. This will leave idiots and perverts with only 48 ways to let the world know they are perverts, or idiots. I find it limiting compared to the 70 or more ways available to their counterparts the other side of the Pond; but hey: if they “feel” that way who am I to, erm, judge?

You must think yours truly is utterly and completely opposed to the idea, but on second thoughts it has its advantages. I do not remember exactly how Facebook works, and when I forgot the password I let the thing go the way of the Dodo. I had only used it to post my blog posts, so it was no great loss. Still, I remember and have read around you can “befriend” or “unfriend” people. This means every Facebook member can immediately spot the perverts and idiots simply by looking at which kind of people they choose as “friends”, or at how they define their “gender” themselves.

Very practical, I would say.

Still, if Facebook belonged to me I would make the system even more practical, and reduce the “gender choices” to four; undoubtedly encompassing all the US choices, let alone the “limited” UK ones. They would be:

1. Male

2. Female

3. Pervert

4. Idiot.


All the “genders”, in four simple choices.


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