Jimmy Savile: Why Do BBC And NHS Not Get The Church’s Treatment?

The BBC had never noticed this man's look and behaviour...

The ongoing revelations concerning the astonishing abuses and disgusting perversion of Jimmy Savile are most notable in this, that there is of the horizon no form of generalised condemnation of the very institutions that covered him.

It must be clear to the most stupid and ideologically blinded BCC journalist that Savile could remain unpunished only through a decade-long collective blindness within both the BBC and the NHS. Still, I do not detect any call to brand each of these unworthy institutions in any way even remotely comparable to what has been done with the Church.

This is the most absurd, as the NHS is the greatest Nazi mass-murdering organisation in the country (I think we are still north of 150,000 babies murdered a year), and the BBC is the one who has treated the Church with the B2 bomber for decades, as in their very corridors abuses of all kind very simply ignored.

Jimmy Savile should be worth one thousand Cardinal Laws, because no one can say the Church has protected any one priest for decades in an even remotely similar way to how countless BBC employees and managers have chosen to turn a blind eye to what, as it now emerged, was abundantly clear for a very long time.

Still, the BBC, always oh so ready to take the moral high ground, does not proceed to indict itself; nor do the libtards proceed to question their role and their very legitimacy. The same goes for the Mass-Murderers, who will no doubt downplay decades of known and covered abuse as an unfortunate series of single episodes.

The BBC and the NHS represent two of the worst realities in this country; they are two satanical strongholds fully sold to a murderous and/or perverted ideology. No, it does not mean everyone working for them is bad, and heroic battles have been fought by brave doctors and nurses inside the NHS. But again, these heroic battles have become necessary exactly to counter the way the NHS understands itself; a circumstance, this, which today is conveniently forgotten.

Jimmy Savile exposes, with his undoubted evil, the evil of the organisations which allowed him and his perversions to thrive.

But no: the enemy number one, particularly of the BBC, will remain Christian morality and the Church Christ founded.



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  1. Sorry, I don’t understand this post about Jimmy Savile – what is this ? (kind of Conchita Wurst ?)- having just spent one week of holidays coming from Picardy to Burgundy. (Nice vineyards, Dietrich von Hildebrand would have liked them.) Maybe other readers are as puzzled as I am and you would give us some explanations?

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

    • Very famous past DJ and TV presenter, for decades a BBC star. So popular, in fact, that when JP II visited he was photographed with him.
      Immediately after his death, the up to then subdued rumours exploded, and gave rise to a huge scandal, also involving other people, but as a rule having as Leitmotiv the blind eye turned toward him both at the BBC and NHS (the UK’s HHS).
      This chap was, you must know, also a “volunteer” in hospital, a position which he used to do things too disgusting for the writing.
      A powerful man, with obviously the best of connections everywhere (see above), and which clearly not one within the BBC or NHS was willing to seriously investigate or question. For decades.
      We are talking here of sex with 12 years old, or lewd acts on corpses. A true child of Satan.

      Then the BBC & Co. complain about the Church.
      Beware of those “chariteeee” people when the cameras are there, say I; even if they aren’t Popes…

    • Thanks for your reply. This case has not been dealt with in the French press, though they commented ad nauseam and with much pleasure the – false – story of the Irish nuns who allegedly got rid in a horrible way of the babies born in their institution by single mothers.


    • Interesting.
      An immediately deflated non-story makes headlines, an extremely well-known English popular hero slash pedophile doesn’t…


  2. I think the reason the BBC and the NHS get off light is that Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris are thrown up as “chaff” in the great scheme of things. The object of the exercise is to Demonise the Church….if every single pervert happened to be a catholic priest, the sheeple would smell a rat, and wouldn’t swallow the bate.
    Now these celebrity perverts are names, so when they are outed they become Demons so the NHS and the BBC are just the unfortunate employers / victims of these guys, who would have guessed that “nice” Jimmy or Rolf were perverts….we all know they like a “cuddle”… But let’s be permissive and all that, when they get caught out it’s them that takes the blame…the BBC swans along with not a blemish.
    On the other hand we could probably name one or two priests that we have heard about in the press who have been jailed for deviant behaviour ……but the man on the Clapham Omnibus….how many deviant priests can he name….not a single one, I’d bet…..but what the man on the Clapham Omnibus does get….is that EVERY Catholic priest is a latent child abuser….and that the Catholic Church is nothing but a perverts paradise from top to bottom.
    Not wishing to mention names or put words in anyone’s mouth, I have heard it said on the internet that at the time of the invasion of Iraq Pope John Paul II sent a papal envoy to the powers that be warning them that they were making a massive mistake …..allegedly the church was told in no uncertain terms to shut up and not interfere…..because we will cover the face of the church in filth….!!!
    There is no doubt that there were many scandalous / criminal episodes committed by priests and cover ups and all the rest…..but the relative small numbers of these cases in the great scheme of things, when compared to the number of children killed by divorcing parents and the like, make the media feeding frenzy look totally over the top

    Unless, there really was an agenda to cover the churches face in filth.

    • If JP II shut up because he was afraid they would cover the Church in filth, he was wrong too, tough.

      I still thank Dubya for the invasion, and getting rid of one of the cruellest regime on earth. But ten years later, I must say my confidence in the ability of Muslims to ever let things halfway work is rather shattered.

      Perhaps a post will follow.


  3. bate….if you let the post above through could you correct the spelling,…Bait….


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