The Ape-Friendly Homos And The Obese Gorilla

Spot the red hat

Father Z reports of the ways rich perverts give grants to – get ready for this – Catholic institutions to promote their perverted agenda within the Church. All this is done under the sun, and in tax-efficient way.

One is not surprised at the extent of such evil: sexual perversion is evil, and it is fully illusory to believe that when Satan has got hold of a soul to the point of making her desire what is most disgusting, he will not try to push these souls more and more deep into a cesspool of hatred of Good, and open war to it.

What one, though, asks oneself is the following:

1. How much does the local hierarchy know of this? Or better said: how can they claim they do not know about this? Any trust or entity under the supervision of the Diocese must surely have yearly reports of their ins and out, regularly scrutinised by their supervisors. Every University must, surely, be subject to the diocese's scrutiny if it wants to carry a link to the Church in her name? We are not talking of pocket money here, but of substantial amounts which, being the objects of tax records, must certainly make it possible to trace their movements and ascertain their destination, to the last cent.

2. One reads such news and wonders to what astonishing degree of incompetence and cowardice the Church in the West must have sunk, if perverts even think it possible to undermine it by openly giving fodder to the enemies inside of her. If our prelates did their job in a halfway acceptable way, the Gorilla-friendly Homos would at least fight their satanical battle from the outside. As it is, they are indirectly told: “welcome! Help us lose souls! Can you spare some change, Gov?”

But then one reflects that this a country where a leading member of the hierarchy has the courage, in one of the rare moments in which he is not eating, to shout “Bravo” to someone not only outing his sexual perversion, but endorsing a sodomitical – and his sodomitical – lifestyle.

I therefore wonder who is worse: the homo Apes undemining Catholic teaching, or the obese Gorilla doing exactly the same, under his red hat.



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  1. The obese gorilla under the red hat is far, far worse, because his actions are covert, furthering Luciferian deception on a grand scale.

  2. Not only the acceptance of gays, but the outright recruitment of them, has been going on in seminaries for decades.And then people wonder where the pedophile problem came from. Communists planned the initial infiltration as early as the 20’s and 30’s. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bella Dodd; What she was predicting for the future of our Church BACK IN THE 50’S is frightening in it’s accuracy.

  3. Okay, give me three guesses on who is being discussed here… don’t rush me now…

    Is it Timmy “Fatboy” Dolan?


    I’ve seen him being interviewed; when the interviewer mentions “possibly the first American pope”, he says nothing but his eyes kind of gleem. That’s clearly his aim. He talks about how he does footwashing, too.

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