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HHS Mandate: More Good News.

The Witch of the West in a recent photograph.

The Witch of the West in a recent photograph.



More good news on the HHS Mandate.

This time, the exemption is broader than in the Hobby Lobby sentence, and it comprises organisations and istitutions not included in the “closely held” definition used in the Hobby Lobby sentence. A TV network, a Catholic Diocese, an orphanage (I think), a school and a college are among those exempted.

This is another punch in the nose for the HHS mandate. It will not kill it, but it’s very good news nevertheless.

Waiting now to see ho wmany Jesuit universities will offer contraception in their health plans even if not mandated.



Bleak Ages

The Prime Minister is seen here relaxing in his garden.

The Prime Minister is seen here relaxing in his garden.




The “Gay PM”, David “Chameleon” Cameron, warned us about the danger of antibiotic resistance.

For you outside of the UK, this is how it works here: the PM’s advisors have a meeting and decide what they will do to get in the headlines tomorrow. Something reminding the voting riff-raff what a fine mind the PM is. One new committe here, one new initiative or “policy” there. No issue is too trivial but world threats look good, too. Tomorrow it will be forgotten, but it’s the headline for today.

On this occasion, “Chameleon” Cameron has it knows the “dark ages” are, for such an enlightened mind as his, very bad.

An age that did not even think of legalising abortion, did not conceive divorce, would have utterly disgusted even at mentioning sodomy, and made of God the first priority in everyday life is, for him, “dark ages”. The Britain he has helped to shape, a huge Sodom with the addition of Olympic Games, is the epitome of progress and civilisation. It is us who live in very bleak times, not they who lived in dark ones.

I do not know whether it is a Catholic thing, but we in Italy say “middle age”, and divide it in “high” and “low”. Darkness is nothing to do with it. It seems the honest and factual approach to me.

Compared with today, actually, one must say it of Cameron “dark ages”: what a luminous age it was.

Completely Cameron-free.


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