HHS Mandate: More Good News.

The Witch of the West in a recent photograph.

The Witch of the West in a recent photograph.



More good news on the HHS Mandate.

This time, the exemption is broader than in the Hobby Lobby sentence, and it comprises organisations and istitutions not included in the “closely held” definition used in the Hobby Lobby sentence. A TV network, a Catholic Diocese, an orphanage (I think), a school and a college are among those exempted.

This is another punch in the nose for the HHS mandate. It will not kill it, but it’s very good news nevertheless.

Waiting now to see ho wmany Jesuit universities will offer contraception in their health plans even if not mandated.



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  1. My money is that the Jesuits will offer contraception, but Bob Jones University will not.

  2. Kathleen, the W. W. of the W. referred to above has asked me to send you the following concise and to the point note: “I’ll get you Mundabor, and your little dog too!”

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