Protect The Horse. Kill The Baby.



Look! The Poor horse is in d... dan... danger!!

Look! The poor horse is in d… dan… danger!!



Yesterday was the day of the Palio di Siena again. There are two of them every year (2 July and 16 August), though the 2 July one is the most ancient. There is at least another such event, though by far less famous, in Ferrara.There might be, I suspect, several other ones on a local scale. 

In the last years, the controversies about the horses have become more and more vocal. If I remember correctly, the EU has now ordered the horses cannot be drugged anymore (a pity, say I; it’ a no-holds-barred race, not a girls’ cake competition; the jockeys can whip each other, but the horses can’t be drugged? Really?), but the “animal rights” activists also criticise the terrain, because a horse has a human right to only race on a perfect surface lest he should harm itself; and we all know when they were employed in battle the battlefield was always accurately paved beforehand, and the holes levelled, and the stones taken away, lest the poor beasts suffer damage…

It is with a very sad amusement that one notices that a country (and a European Union) who consider utterly normal to kill a baby in the womb should get so excited for a couple of horses.

A baby has a soul, and therefore he has more worth than the entire universe. A horse is born, and is destined to die, for human use. The old Christian societies knew this difference very well, and could give to both the baby in the womb and the horse their proper place in the economy of Creation, and make correspondent decision concerning their protection; in case, also deciding that particular occasions would allow for particular treatment of the horses.

The new de-Christianised societies cannot understand the value of a soul, and do not care for a baby in the womb whom they cannot see; but they like horses and other animals, and humanise them accordingly. Which would make sense, because if there is no God and no soul, a horse should have the same worth as a baby. But it still doesn;t, because it is clear a horse is, for many people, actually worth a lot more. A country killing more than 100,000 babies a year will, therefore, have a lot of people calling for a ban on the Palio di Siena and similar competitions.I am sure they deem themselves such good souls people.

We live in a stupid world populated by morons who deem themselves smart because their phones can do a lot of things. Thinking, on the other hand, can neither of them.


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  1. prudentissima

    “A baby has a soul, and therefore he has more worth than the entire universe.” ❤

    • Thanks, but just to be clear: this is not emotional talk, rather a mere fact.
      The soul of the baby will still exist when Creation is no more. Every single soul is therefore intrinsically vastly superior to all creation without a soul, be it things, plants or animals.

  2. prudentissima

    Thank you. Yes, I know but we never hear anyone say it.

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