Hags On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

And it came to pass that for once in their wretched lives, the murderous hags did not have it their way, because a bunch of generally rather tepid small “c” Catholics (with one exception) decided to switch their brains on and do something to protect the elementary freedoms of their countries.

The Nazi Hags are now having a hissy fit as they count the money that will be lost in hoped-for employer funded abortion, and if I understand the events correctly they are now terrified contraception might go the same way. Which, if it were to happen, would be more lost business, and clearly a blow to the culture of death.

Now mind this: most employers will likely continue to fund the abortions of their more or less slutty female employees, persuaded that nobody is anybody to judge; and the same would, of course, happen with contraception if that too were to be definitively struck down. It is only a not-so-small, but minoritarian number of closely held private enterprises and, from what I understand, religious organisations that would avail themselves of the astonishing freedom of not having to pay for your employee's murder of her unborn child. But this is perfectly irrelevant to the Nazi Hags: their dreams of totalitarian Nazi dominance have been, for the time bing, shattered, and they simply cannot bear it.

I suggest, with my tongue firmly in cheek, euthanasia; provided the employer doesn't have to pay for it, of course.

In the meantime, the Brown Shirts are screaming like Hitler has just shot himself, and pay for full-page “hate” adverts on the New York Times; of whom it is very doubtful whether, if things had gone the other way, they would have accepted to publish such an ad from the other side.

For the moment, let us enjoy the hysterical screams of the Nazi Hags. If you have a blog, please let the images in this post (which I have courtesy of Father Z) appear in yours; if you haven't, please tweet them and spread them everywhere.

A victory should never be allowed to go to waste.



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