“Rat Me, “Father”, Because I Have Sinned”

Mock bishop likes to tamper with mock sacraments.

In another steps showing the extent to which the Anglicans have sold themselves to the world, the Australian Anglo have decided that individual dioceses can decide to throw their mock seal of confession down the drain when this makes them beautiful in the eyes of the world. It is expected, of course, that most of the diocese will comply readily with the new trend.

This move is not only unChristian – even in the perspective of a mock “sacrament” from a mock Anglican “priest” – but it is also profoundly hypocritical, as the “permission” to rat the penitent automatically creates a danger of jail for the mock priest who does not do it. Which, I am sure, all of them know.

It is also doubly hypocritical, because the desire to “improve the safety of the community” only improves the safety of the… mock priest, who is in this way practically sure he will not hear any sin he does not want to hear. If any mock penitent should be as stupid as that, then ratting it is, and good night…

This will, of course, put the Church under pressure to do the same. Which, this being the “time of mercy”, I am not so sure will not happen. At that point one would, I think, wonder about the sacramental validity of a confession from which the seal of confession has been stripped away, with the consent of the Bishop.

Let us hope our prelates down under remember what it is to be a priest and refuse to comply with the Nazi nannies whatever mock priests may do.



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  1. “Confess slowly my son. I’m taking notes, and sit up straight so the camera will get a good look at you.”

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