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Pollyanna had finally found her favourite blog. Pollyanna had finally found her favourite blog.

A blogger on a famous multi-faith (and none) blog multinational made my day today, with the wonderful explanation of why the Pope Bishop of Rome always – and particularly on the famous aeroplane – talks as if he had one Litre Fernet (the Argentinians like it a lot, I am told; like the Italians) in his humble stomach.   

It all has to do with Sun-Tzu and his Art of War, you see.

The brilliant war strategy unfolds as follows:

1. Francis just shuts up in the face of huge attacks on Christianity, for months.

2. Then, he surprises the enemy by showing he is on their side.

3. This leaves the enemy utterly without defence or orientation, because of all things they were certainly not expecting the Pope… to be on their side. The shock!

4. At this point the…

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