Italian State Television Blapshemous And Perverted


What it says...

What it says…





You would have thought the BBC is really the worst, but this is not always – if often – the case.

The Second Channel of the Italian State Television, RAI2, has broadcasted an infamous, blasphemous, dirty, perverted “comic” piece, in which Jesus is offended to the point of making him appear the lover of St. Peter, with a clear allusion to Sodomarriage.

The Italian prosecutors have been informed.

If the legal system has not changed since my time, an investigation will now have to take place. 

RAI has refused to apologise or retract.

A petition is now ongoing.

I attach the link in Italian.

Click on “Firma” (“sign”) and follow the link. “Cognome” is “family name”.

You can sign from anywhere in the world.



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  1. Thanks for the link to protest this Mundy. They didn’t have the United States as an option though? Or does the US show up differently in Italian? I’ve run across this in other international petitions. Forigive me if I’m just clueless:+) God bless~

  2. I’ve signed the petition.

    There seems to be something changing in the minds of the Christians about how they are treated, ridiculed, and aggressed publicly by blasphemous representations in the media, « cultural » productions (theater pieces, paintings), advertising campaigns and other unworthy modern outlets. I’m writing from France.

    Two days ago, on 9 July, a French association (AGRIF, see Internet), has submetted a case to the Jury of Deontology for the Advertisement industry. It was about the painting of Caravaggio’s « Supper at Emmaus » representing the ressurected Christ around a garnished table where he receives the disciples of Emmaüs. This painting has been used (misused) by a supermarket chain in placing on it the inscription : « OK., I will cut myself the chicken. » This advertisement has been considered by the AGRIF as going against the religious feelings of the Christians who cannot do else than to see these immense advertisements in the metro. The painting itself is a symbolic representation of the ritual of the Holy Eucharist. There are good chances that the AGRIF – and we Catholics – will win this battle, as there is one point in the Advertising deontology recommandation which states : « All utilisation of rites or of religious texts should be proscribed. »

    (Heard on

    Libre Journal de la résistance française du 9 juillet 2014 : “Nouvelles de la réplique ; Commentaire de l’actualité”)

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

  3. It took me a bit to find the US; I was thinking of ‘estados unidos’. I’m illiterate in a couple of languages!
    That photo from the film is disgraceful! The usual question comes to mind…change the religion blasphemed to Muslim or Jewish. How well would that work out?

    • @ marykpkj

      That’s what the spokesman of the AGRIF said to the little women who is responsable for this advertising campaign : « What if you had represented Mahomet in some way or another saying ‘I will cut this piece of porc knuckle myself’ ? » This little women disappeared literally in her big chair when hearing this and she remained silent.


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