The High-Fiving Pope

High Five, Frankie boy!

High Five, Frankie boy!


Every time you think Francis can’t make of himself a more ridiculous clown than he already is, he disappoints you and finds the way to reach a new low.

This truly is a justin-bieber papacy. 

What’s next?

Taking part to the Tour de France, or to the London Marathon? Francis exhibits himself in the Hula Hoop together with that silly singing nun? Macarena with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner? Twerking with the Chaouqui woman?

The press would be delighted, and everyone who hasn’t a working brain would be so very excited.  

What an unmitigated disaster, and utter disgrace.



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  1. It is an embarassment.

  2. Wich of our differences I should set aside?

    • All of them? 😉
      Francis di dnot come to bring a sword, but peace…

      And by the way he does not have a Fiat, as the article says; he has a Ford Focus and a Renault 4.

  3. Disgusting. And at the same time, Christians are jailed, martyrised, slaughtered and crucified in rabid Islamic countries.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

  4. Hello Mundy! Would you kindly arrange an introduction for me with Chaouqui? I think she’s a talented and beautiful moll, and I suspect that I might be able to tame her.

    I have a suit and shiny shoes and all my own teeth. I’m humble and I hate to kneel in churches. I like funny jokes and I can be charming at rooftop soirees.

    God bless you in advance for your timely assistance.

  5. Don’t be silly. Pope Francis only has one lung, how the heck is he supposed to do any form of exercise?

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