Going Down The Drain





Read here about the trial of the sluts who desecrated Notre Dame.

I do not know you, but I was shocked at knowing that in France you can publicly desecrate a Cathedral and get away with a pittance. Heck, each one of these “initiatives” will most certainly bring in, in donations, a vast multiple of the fine money, as they establish these perverted and godless groups as focal point of the activity of all those who hate Christ and His Church.

It is not known to me whether no jail term was requested because the French law does not foresee the possibility (which seems absurd to me), or because the local clergy is so cowed into submission that they do not dare to ask for it. In both cases, this tell you very clearly that the persecution is clearly coming; and, even if it will take some years, and perhaps many, it will have devastating effects as these bastards are able to act with a minimum of inconvenience, and the comfort of wide publicity and notoriety among those of their ilk. 

We really need to wake up. If no jail term are possible for the crime, then the Church should make a holy mess so that the laws are changed, all the while bringing the issue of the growing threat to Christians a wide issue. If jail term are possible, then they must be sought after without any sissified false mercy.

Heaven, the news is reported as if the request for a fine were a kind of victory, or credible reaction of sort.

Christianity in France goes down the drain. The Archdiocese asks that this be punished with a fine.

What a disgrace.


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