Pope Solemn Nonsense

Flying out to the outskirts: Copeland's jet.

Flying out to the outskirts: Copeland’s jet.



Eugenio Scalfari asks Francis if he wants to convert him. Francis answers “Proselytism is solemn nonsense”. The Pollyannas run to explain to us that Proselytism doesn’t mean Proselytism, it means being a nasty guy.

Wannabe Anglican Bishop asks Francis, probably after one grappa too much, to make a video for his Proddie confreres at the great Proddie convention. Francis readily complies. Not one word seeking conversion to the Only Church ( = Proselytism). A lot of fluffy “I am OK, you are OK” instead. The Pollyannas run to explain to us this is all part of a cunning plan, by which you are nice to people, and the Holy Ghost converts them: no unpleasant words necessary.

Francis then proceeds to receive a couple of extremely un-Franciscan Proddie grandees: among them, the ever-smiling Joel Osteen, privately called “this is my Bible”, and Kenneth Copeland, privately called “this is my private jet”. There is no mention whatever to an appeal to conversion. Heretics will remain heretical. Should they convert? No, no, no! The world is delighted at how easy things have become. The Pollyannas run to explain to us that the Pope is just a very nice chap, so the evangelisation thing is slower. The time of mercy, and all that. But look, he really wants to convert them, he really wants! 

Francis then receives another bunch of Proddies, and they say he told them they are perfectly fine where they are and there’s no need for conversion. More, he wants to come to their own places to apologise for the Church “hurting” them (Lord! Give me strength!). Think, they wanted to eradicated heresy!  What bad Catholics they were! 

So, we now have a Pontiff who not only renounces to proselytise, but even goes out of his way to undermine the Church and Catholic doctrine with the Proddies. How many are going to be, pray, converted by such a behaviour?

The Pollyannas will soon be running to tell us… we don’t know exactly but, certainly, a variation of the usual excuses.

The reality on the ground is that the Bishop of Rome is utterly and completely unworthy I do not say of being Pope, but of the habit. A man working every day, and in every way, against the Church of Christ. A man doing the exact contrary of what he is supposed to do, and calling “solemn nonsense” the very core of his job description.

A man, also, of – once again – astonishing hypocrisy, who lambasts economic inequalities and the gap between rich and poor everytime sympathetic ears and journalists are around, and then hobnobs with people who are not only vastly rich – to the point of possessing a private jet -, but who have made their riches through… heresy! But hey: who is he to judge?

A comedian, writing some thirty years ago a parody of an imaginary papacy of the future, could not have imagined even one tenth of the rubbish produced by this man; a man with no shame, no love for the Church, very probably no faith, and no love for anything but his own popularity.

Francis, not Proselytism, is the solemn nonsense.


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  1. Please forgive me for asking for clarification on some Mundabor nomenclature: Can you please define for me “Proddie” (I assume thats for Protestant?) and exactly what a “Pollyanna” is? I assume it is what a Neo-Catholic is? I agree with the gist (whats that?..lol) of the post, but just want to be certain of my translation. Thanks Mundabor

    • Pollyanna is a classic of children’s literature, known for her extreme optimism and ability to see everything in a positive light. It has also become synonimous of blind inability to see reality, masking the negative aspect with deluded equilibrisms. The Catholic world abounds of people of the sort, many of them are bloggers of the mild-to-cowardly side.

      “Proddie” is abbreviation for “Protestant”. It seems to me more likeable than “Prot”.


    • To both, I say: “Amen and Amen” Thanks Mundabor!

  2. In Norn Iron [Northern Ireland], we just call them Prods.

  3. Can a Pope be defrocked? If so, by whom? And, if he is, would he still keep his day job as Pope? I mean, could he say, “Fine, I’m laicized, but I think I make a jolly good Pope – and, after all, I was voted in – so I think I’ll keep the job.” Is that canonically possible? If it is, then who would have the authority to fire him? I realize I’m hallucinating here but, with Pope Francis, I truly believe we need to look ahead to all options.

    • Not that I know of.
      From no one.
      Of course, this presupposes the unthinkable does not happen (= a Pope “proclaims” a false dogma), but this is not goign to happen in this case.
      We must pray the Lord that he puts an end to our punishment.
      He can do it beautifully anytime.

  4. My family’s always called them prods too, Mimi, probably thanks to my Irish family. (Love your ‘Norn Iron’, by the way! 🙂 )
    Obviously Annie and I have been sharing the same hallucination. If only we could shout him out of office the way the screeching liberals shout down their opponents! If he were laicized perhaps a few more people would become skeptical of his humble ‘time of mercy’.
    One can dream.

  5. victura1007 .

    The Pope Who Doesn’t Want to Convert Anyone.

    That’s all I need to know. Next in line please.

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