Princess Grace. Almost. (Warning: Feminist Language!)






The, ahem, “lady” clearly works at Burger King. Probably to finance her addiction to Burger King.

You can, though, admire an unexpectedly strong sprint as she flees from the camera.

The language is the usual feminist one.

It is a deep mystery who, no matter how drunk, would ever want to have sex with such a rhino. Therefore, one suspects the young, ahem, lady is fighting for the battle of other women to have all the sex they want without fear of consequences, whilst she gets in trouble for them.

If I had had children at the event, I would have said to them: “see, children? If you eat too much and do not exercise, one day you will become as fat and as stupid as that woman there!”.

They would obviously have started to cry in terror.

A very salutary reaction.


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  1. Mundy, I’m more than offended by your publishing this hate piece! Clearly your white and male privileges have overtaken your otherwise good senses.

    I’ll have you know that this lady, Butch, is an Usherette in our parish and she’s a single mum who recently pushed her pram up our church’s aisle to have her bonnie wee one baptized. Have you no shame?

    And, Butch is chairperson of our parish finance council and is responsible for counting our weekly offerings and taking same to the bank.

    She lives in a splendid neighborhood with her life partner, Mildred, and only works at the King so she can better serve the poor. After all, there is currently no Burger Queen, is there?

    Get off your male high hobby horse and you may begin to realize that Butch has the bergoglio odor of a true sheep.

    “Vaya Lilo!”

  2. She looks like she speaks.
    She sounds like she looks.

  3. Post abortive women drive the abortion industry/agenda in this country. They cannot face what they have done…at least not without Our Lord’s help and grace. Will pray for this lost one. God bless~

    • Probably true.

      But in order to abort, this woman must have been made pregnant first.

      No, I cannot imagine anything of the sort in this case…


  4. The guy was very, very plastered and she appeared to him to be a pudgy, brunette Charlize Theron.

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