Thankfully, No “Selfies” This Time.




After the end of a wonderful Football World Cup, I hope my Argentinian readers will not be too crushed. There are far worse things in life, though I know there are moments in which not many of them really come to mind. But they are there, and this was a great achievement anyway.

I congratulate my German readers for a fully deserved triumph. I can’t stand Merkel so I will not watch the ceremony.

I am glad we will have no selfies of Francis with the flag, or with a Messi photograph; and no Pollyannas telling us the Holy Ghost obviously loves this oh so great Pope so much he had to give the cup to them. This, at least, will remain spared to us.

Tomorrow it will be normality again.

Again, my congratulations to the winners.


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  1. ok ok…fair enough. No selfies is a good consequence of our defeat.

  2. Chapeau Germany! I’m very happy for their triumph, this spoils Mrs. Kirchner plans to use the cup to alienate us with her populist/peronist poison, but I’m sure she will anyways accuse Germany of colonialism, eurocentrism, racism and other stupidities she loves to conjure in order to put the blame on others for our own flaws, very Bergoglian..

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments. I’m not specifically patriotic but I feared the misuse of an Argentinian victory both in the political, ideological and the catho-pollyaning world. So, we have been speared of this, Deo gratias!

    For the little history, I have asked a French Traditional priest, on Saturday evening, by e-mail, if there was a Saint to be prayed in matters of sport. I added that my quaery was half-funny, half-serious. He responded in a serious way that he wasn’t at all interested in football and that he had better goals to pray for, the ceasing of the massacres perpetrated against the Christians in such numerous countries day in and day out for instance, or for his own progressing in the ways of God …

    He added that on this Sunday 13 July there is the feast of Saint Henry, emperor, and that I could also pray Saint Cunégonde, his wife who stayed virgin. He also said that there is Saint John Bosco who played with his youths.

    I had to look into my dictionaries to see what is was about St Henry. Well, he was a German emperor, dead in 1024, and who had lived a very pious and at the same time a politically very efficient life. (My ignorance of History is abysmal.)

    As to St John Bosco, I remembered that there were many youth groups still after World War Il referring to this Saint.

    I didn’t pray St Henry, St Cunégonde nor St John Bosco for the victory of Germany but I prayed a Rosary to the Saint Virgin that this football match should not serve the Pope who doubts about Her, nor the Powers of whom he is the puppet (in my opinion, at least), nor the catho-pollyanians. I cannot think otherwise that, as in Lepanto, the Saint Virgin helped !

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    • I didn;t like the priest’s answer, and I think sport – and joy of life for that matter – have a place in our life whatever other tragedies there may be. Besides, it seems to me you did not ask him to pray for a victory, you simply wanted to do it yourself. Which is, again, perfectly fine.

      I knew don bosco was very fond of sport, but I know nothing more about patrons of footballers of sportsmen. one page says San Luigi Scrosoppi is, but it is the page of the artisans who produce statues of him.



  4. Thank you Mundabor for your words, I´m not crushed at all, as you said there are many worst things and far better things that lose the WC final. But as a fan I do not agree that ours was a great achievement. If this were a football blog we could discuss that.

  5. Mundabor,
    as I have gathered from the intrepid and indubitable reports of our brutally serious friends at Eye of the Tiber, the German national team has taken strange unprecedented counsel. Very depressing, really. But you have to read for yourself:

    Also, be sure to read the insightful (and extremely funny) comments by (among others) Benedict XVI. below the article.

    (By the way, now that our teams both have four stars, Italy vs. Germany will certainly make for an interesting final next time.)

    Lastly, as to the topic of your original message, I am moderately grateful Francis was denied an opportunity to embarass himself and his office, but it really makes no difference anymore, given how often he has done so already. And while I, as a German patriot, am obviously happy with the result, I do have slight misgivings about a team that is not very “national” at all. In Germany, football has become so drenched in political correctness and multiculturalism that the victory feels somehow wrong to me. I would have been just as happy to congratulate the Argentinians who fielded a team that was actually, you know, Argentinian. At least the decisive goal was scored by Götze, who is so German that I actually personally know someone who knew him when he was a little boy who liked to play football…

  6. No Selfies? I was supposed to post this…

    Thankfully, Francis is denied an opportunity to embarrass faithful Catholics.

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