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Before “Who Am I To Judge?”: The Church About Sodomy

This undoubtedly makes for some reading.

What a difference with “who am I to judge?”-Francis or “we are more nuanced”-Nichols.



Reading Francis Through Common Sense




Some Catholic bloggers still believe in the principle of non-contradiction. Something the Vatican destroyers are rapidly leaving behind as un-merciful.

One of these bloggers can be read here.

No revolutionary theories, you see. Just good, plain, old-fashioned reading and thinking. Giving to words the meaning they actually have, rather than the one we would wish them to have, or desperately want to believe they must have, lest our papolatrous faith should crumble. 

This is pure “reading Francis through common sense”.

It is a huge scandal that, sixteen months into this disgraceful pontificate, most have preferred to give up thinking rather than to stop and examine what Catholicism really is, and whether their fanatical reliance on every word of the Pope isn’t, in fact, a huge heresy itself.

Enjoy the blog post, and the extremely fine Rorate post.


(Third) Scalfari Interview: Stop Kidding Yourselves





Another day, another Francis-caused scandal.

I truly, truly hope that no one will, this time, dare to accuse Scalfari’s age for having, ahem, “forgotten” the recorder once again.

At this point, even a retard would understand the recorder was not there purely and simply because Francis did not wish for one to be there; and he wished it to be this way so that he may be free to say whatever he likes without the Pollyannas holding him accountable for his words.

Note that, once again, Father Lombardi does not deny the content of the conversation. The conversation took place, and the content is on the whole the one published in the newspaper. Lombardi devotes his fire brigade effort mainly to the pedophile Cardinals statements, and generally points out that the Pope can only be considered the author of those statement who do not cause scandal; because you see, this interview wasn’t really an interview. What the heck was it, then?  

Wait: wasn’t this the same Lombardi who had already cast a doubt on Scalfari’s ability to remember the details? Why would, then, Francis give him another interview? Without a recorder? What does Francis say about that? Why are suddenly interviews not proper interviews, merely interviews, published as such? And by the way, why must Francis always pick anticlerical atheists and obviously anticlerical newspapers for his most scandalous interviews?

Stop kidding yourselves: Francis obviously likes Scalfari and Repubblica. He likes them, because he is like them. He is very satisfied with the way they have served his agenda so far. Therefore, he keeps using them to throw bazookas at the Church every time he likes, confident in the fact most Catholics are, as it is by now abundantly clear, too thick and too blind to get the facts, or to think with their own brains.

Not Scalfari, not the ISIS, not the rampant homosexualism, nor the abortionists, nor the satanists are the worst enemies of the Church. 

The worst enemy of the Church is a Pontiff belittling Her, ridiculing Her, putting Her under suspicion of the worst things; all the while looking good, himself, amongst Her enemies.

And by the way, to bluntly accuse 2% of catholics priests of being, or having been, pedophiles is exactly what Francis always lambasts so violently in others.

Has he seen their pedophile ID card?

Does he not “kill” the priests by accusing them rashly?

Who is he to judge? 

What shamelessness. What arrogance. What evil energy.

I invite my readers to pray God every day that the Church of Christ be freed from this scourge.



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