Before “Who Am I To Judge?”: The Church About Sodomy

This undoubtedly makes for some reading.

What a difference with “who am I to judge?”-Francis or “we are more nuanced”-Nichols.



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  1. Wow!

    So from the document: “…nor the effeminate. . . shall possess the kingdom of God.”

    Fundy Mundy, are you suggesting that Monsignor “Swivel Hips” Ricca is in harm’s way?

    I’d hate to walk a mile in his Gucci’s.

    “Vaya Lilo!”

  2. Objective observation isn’t judgement.
    Negative observations aren’t judgmental.
    Calling error for what it is and suggesting the logical results isn’t condemning.
    People can be so touchy when it hurts to sit down.

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