(Third) Scalfari Interview: Stop Kidding Yourselves





Another day, another Francis-caused scandal.

I truly, truly hope that no one will, this time, dare to accuse Scalfari’s age for having, ahem, “forgotten” the recorder once again.

At this point, even a retard would understand the recorder was not there purely and simply because Francis did not wish for one to be there; and he wished it to be this way so that he may be free to say whatever he likes without the Pollyannas holding him accountable for his words.

Note that, once again, Father Lombardi does not deny the content of the conversation. The conversation took place, and the content is on the whole the one published in the newspaper. Lombardi devotes his fire brigade effort mainly to the pedophile Cardinals statements, and generally points out that the Pope can only be considered the author of those statement who do not cause scandal; because you see, this interview wasn’t really an interview. What the heck was it, then?  

Wait: wasn’t this the same Lombardi who had already cast a doubt on Scalfari’s ability to remember the details? Why would, then, Francis give him another interview? Without a recorder? What does Francis say about that? Why are suddenly interviews not proper interviews, merely interviews, published as such? And by the way, why must Francis always pick anticlerical atheists and obviously anticlerical newspapers for his most scandalous interviews?

Stop kidding yourselves: Francis obviously likes Scalfari and Repubblica. He likes them, because he is like them. He is very satisfied with the way they have served his agenda so far. Therefore, he keeps using them to throw bazookas at the Church every time he likes, confident in the fact most Catholics are, as it is by now abundantly clear, too thick and too blind to get the facts, or to think with their own brains.

Not Scalfari, not the ISIS, not the rampant homosexualism, nor the abortionists, nor the satanists are the worst enemies of the Church. 

The worst enemy of the Church is a Pontiff belittling Her, ridiculing Her, putting Her under suspicion of the worst things; all the while looking good, himself, amongst Her enemies.

And by the way, to bluntly accuse 2% of catholics priests of being, or having been, pedophiles is exactly what Francis always lambasts so violently in others.

Has he seen their pedophile ID card?

Does he not “kill” the priests by accusing them rashly?

Who is he to judge? 

What shamelessness. What arrogance. What evil energy.

I invite my readers to pray God every day that the Church of Christ be freed from this scourge.



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  1. The blabbermouth papacy!

  2. There are only two possible conclusions: Francis is either an idiot or he is very cunning. Well there is a third: that he is an idiot who thinks that he is being very cunning. If he believes that he can get away once again with employing this way of letting everyone know what he thinks but with deniability, then he has seriously overdone it. No-one in their right mind will believe the denials by Fr. Lombardi who needs to look for another job fast, he is becoming a laughing stock.

    • I think there is a fourth: he is a smooth operator who does not believe in God and does not give a fig for Catholicism. If he realised burning bibles all over the planet would increase his popularity, he would do it. Obviously, always saying he does it to allow the real message of Christ to emerge, & Co.


  3. “Plausible deniability.” That’s what this is. Anything bad that comes out of this interview will be shrugged off with “But the reporter didn’t tape it!” And the cheerleaders will never ask why Bergoglio keeps going back to this reporter if he’s so unreliable.

    That 2% figure sounded ridiculous to me the moment I heard it, and I don’t care about cardinals being slandered. We’re always told that the vast majority of homosexuals aren’t pedophiles. OK, I’ll grant you that criminals are a small minority in ANY sector of society, even though homosexuals are more obsessed with youthful sex than normal people. But if 2% of ALL priests are supposed to be criminal molesters, then what percentage of them are homosexual? 30? 50? Can we really suppose that nobody would notice if half of all priests were perverts?

    That 2% of priests may be *homosexual* I could well believe – it would be pretty much in line with the occurrence in the general population. But I very much doubt that Bergoglio meant to imply that all homosexual priests are leprous criminals. He seems very careful to steer the conversation AWAY from questions about disordered sexual inclinations, and the sort of problems they can produce.

    • I’d say the percentage of faggots among priests must be higher than among the general population at least here in the West, as the climate in the seminaries has favoured the recruitment of fags friends of fags. So, if the general population is homosexual to, say, 0.5% (in sane societies) to 1% (in insane societies) we can expect it to be a small multiple of that.

      But really, that bergoglio thinks 2% of the priest are pedophiles says a lot about the priests he himself frequented during his life.


  4. This entire pontificate is a like one of those nightmarish Twilight Zone episodes from the 1960s. The Pope running around saying things he really didn’t say but not denying he didn’t say them… or something like that. Meanwhile, the enemies of Christ advance by the hour, swallowing institution after institution of Western Civilization whole.

    This is our cross, to bear these hirelings who have now climbed all the way to the papacy; who care nothing about their flock. The sermons of St. John Chrysostom are especially applicable for today’s Church. These men, who have an awesome responsibility, will suffer severely for eternity. They obviously have lost their faith and no believe in eternity. Pray that they realize what they’re doing before it’s too late for them and the souls they are leading astray.

    • Exactly my thought.

      if Francis believed in God, he would be utterly terrified at what he is doing.

      If he were devoted of Satan, he would go at his thing with much more subtlety.

      But he is just an old man, foolishly in love with himself and clearly on his way to hell without thinking of it one second.

      That’s why he does what he does.


  5. I have been reading an old novel by an old, excellent, catholic argentine writer from around 1930-1940, Hugo Wast. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_Wast)
    There is a very interesting chapter where the suffering ghost of Voltaire appear to an old saintly priest. Voltaire tells the priest that a second before his death he had a last chance for conversion given personally by Our Lord. But he refused, saying that he can´t be unfaithfull to his own self and his deeds. And so he condemns his soul for all the eternity.
    I pray for this unfaithful poor man to humbly kneels himself before the Presence of Our Lord, even in his last second chance.

  6. I don’t know why he does what he does but the danger to the faithful and the continued fallout and condoning of SIN is indeed a nightmare I did not expect to see.

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